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🌼Juli&Bea🌼  🌾🌼🌾🌳🌾🌼🌾 Bea, 6 and Juli, 16 Sweden Friendship, dressage, WE Nikon D3100&iPhone 4S 🌾🌼🌾🌳🌾🌼🌾

Soft Bea,
Warm Bea,
Little ball of hair.
Happy Bea,
Sleepy Bea,
Neigh, neigh, neigh.

So I'm going to France tomorrow #whaaaaat and I might know someone who'll post here otherwise I'll probably post like once or something idk.. It's only for one week but still.
I love y'all

Bea yesterday🙈

That moment when the flies makes the picture better..😂

So today was awesome! Bea has become so sensitive and it's really awesome, I don't use the reins that much, it feels so free and wonderful!

Bea will get some vaccine later today😁 and in one week I'm in France!!!! WOWMG

I don't have any time left these next few days.. Work. (But my work is awesome though) so Bea will be taking it easy🎉

Making my way downtown🎉
#workingequitation #wowsucheq

So YES, I'm FINALLY out of school (the one you have to go to) so right now I don't belong to any school until I get my letter from the new school.. But I got 15/17 A's (the other ones were a B in PE and a C in crafts) so I'm sure I'll get in😏
So finally I'll have some time for the horses.. After the weekend because I have to work and this week have been really intense with parties and dinner with teachers and holding speeches and... It's so crazy I'll never go in the same class again with everyone I'll know.. Wow.
I'll probably post a photo of me all dressed up yesterday when it all ended.
#longtext #beaisthecutest

Let's say hello to the waterbottle😊

I'm just like... really tired.
THREE days left of school.

From today, with a short training-lance.

Happy birthday to the #devilponay 🎉🎉
Today Bea is turning six years old.
The picture is from today, before our WE training which I also have some photos from..😁
It went okay, and getting her into the trailer on our way home didn't take one hour so yay..

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