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❥ L  Photomodel - Fashion Stylist - Design Consultant Full time human. Part time sinner. 💻📱📷 Business Inquiry 📩

Kembang desa tanpa riba, katanya. Iyain aja.

If only feelings had an off switch.

“Gue balik ya”⠀

“Iya yaudah”⠀

Terus badan gue diputer. Siogeb.

Grow old together, so later we can race in wheelchair and fight each other with canes. Happy birthday 💙


Haven’t decided whose funeral it is we are going to attend.

Chaos is only understood when it is loved by the wild, not the weak.


Tell me what’s harder than writing an instagram caption. ⠀

i’ll wait

Burn if you must, but rise from the dust.

"it hurts, sometimes. I'm wondering when will it stop?"⠀

"if it's love, it won't"

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