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Lia ♥  Berlin📍| 23 y. 🌍 ' trying to find myself ' 🙇💭 struggling through recovery

- instead about the flaws of us 💭♥️
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C O C O N U T L O V E 💚
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A bit of Sushi here, a bit of Sushi there, a bit of Sushi everywhere 👏🏻❤️🍣

„Some day we‘ll find what we are looking for. Or maybe not .. maybe we‘ll find something much greater than that.“ ✨
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Let‘s grab a bottle of wine and watch the stars. Let‘s talk about life and just try to enjoy that meaningful moment. ✨ .
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You‘re (& I‘m) going to realize it one day - that happiness and satisfaction was never about what people think about you, your degree or your accomplishment. Never about your job, your look or being in a relationship.
Happiness was never about following in the footsteps of all of those who came before you, it was never about being like the others.
One day, I hope, you‘re going to see it - that hapiness was always about the discover, the hope, the listening to your heart and following it wherever it chose to go. Happiness was always about being kinder to yourself, always about embracing the person you were becoming. One day, you will understand. That hapiness was always about learning how to live with yourself, that happiness was never in the hands of other people. It was always about you. It was always about you und how you treat yourself.
Keep on going, keep on learning. ✨

R E M I N D E R 💫
It‘s all about #selfcare, cause nobody can save you except you 🙆🏻‍♀️ 💕

Those people who stand by your side, no matter what 🙌🏻 #blessed #imhereforyou

#throwback to that breakfast in Bali ❤


I am learning. Yes I‘m still learning.
There a days when I forget how to love myself - honestly the most days.
Times that I give in negativity and allow doubt to overshadow my life. I’m guilty of speaking unkindly with my body, my soul and my inner child.
Guilty of hiding my face beneath a false mask of pretty and happy, trying to change the truths of my heart.
But I’m learning to forgive myself, and that is what makes it okay.
I have many mistakes left to make and I‘m still learning. 🌸#recoveryisworthit

Would be the perfect weather for a trip to Gozo now, like in 2016🏝☉ .
#tb #gozo #summer . .
(Whilst traveling a huge of negative thoughts and feelings are absent or aren't that scary... So traveling is like a short escape for me♥#recoverywin)

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