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L🚦🅰♎️🅰  ALLERGIC to Bullshit🤮 I Post What I Want/Love🎥📹📷 Hi Stalker, I’m Still Fabulous!💄 Thks for checking up on me.😉

My love for Red Velvet will never fade, will never be questioned and will never be doubted.🤣
The 2 little girls next to our table keep looking at me enjoying eating and licking my red velvet ice cream. So here u go.. enjoy this with me too since I can’t finish it all by myself😊

#atlast #whenyoucannotfinishitalone #cravingsatisfied #redvelvet #redvelvetlover #sweettreat #magnum #icecream

Walk away from anything that gives bad vibes. U don't need anyone else's approval. (They didnt pay your bill or flight ticket anyway🤣). There is no need to explain or make sense of it. It's your life.
#tb #missingwinterandsnowfall #lifeisshortdontmakeitshorter #goodvibesonly #icutoffpeoplefasterthanyoullnotice #countingdownfornexttrip #traveladdict #travelgram #iftravelingwasfreeyoudneverseemeagain

Peaceful Environment + Simple Food + Him = Blessed Night.
#tgif #fridate #simplepleasures #penangfriedkwayteow #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram

Some people can be sooo nosy about other people’s life. Maybe that is their only source of food? Your life is too dull and boring is it? Did you help to pay my bills or my flight tickets??? This time u really messed up and exceeded my patience limit. No more respect for you. Most importantly, take care of your own problems, your husband and your children first. Even tho I hv yet to settle down or my child is not with me, hello darling, my life is still blessed in other forms.
Terlalu KKS sang suami keeee nieeee?🤪
A True friend Has your Back.
Genuine friend argue like hell but will apologize cos they value you.
They know how to appreciate the friendship by not hurting you in any ways.
Gossiping, story telling here and there. Go tell ard about yourself instead la. Excuse me, u think I am stupid and dont know anything? I am being quiet not bcos I am afraid of u, just pointless to waste my precious energy confronting u (cos i wanna save my energy for my coming winter trip😊🤣😉) and well, i believe to be kind to animals.
Insya Allah, trust me, Allah will definitely ease your life journey despite all tests given if u have a big, good heart and good intention in whatever u do.
Dun worry your secrets are safe with me.😉
Nawaitu beb.. harus sincere! Yg penting, NAWAITU! Ciao!!!
#lessonlearnt #iknowyourgame
#behonestwithyourself #realissorarethesedays #dontkeposomuchabotothers #dontbebusybody #ualwayscoveryourownshitusingpeoplesname #hidupsusahsebabnawaitutakbetol #havegoodintentionswithalovingheart

After soooo long... catch up time!
We argue, we fight, we tend to be unhappy with each other but no matter what I will not forget that she is around when i am at my lowest. #impromptumeetupatorchard #sekejapjepun😊#catchuptime #tibatibahujanlebat #doaygbaik2 #themomentustopchanging #isthemomentustopgrowing

U will not remember that fancy new big screen tv that u bought on this day 5 yrs ago, but u will remember the time u enjoy the falling snow and each other’s company. U will relive them over and over again and more likely u will smile each time u remember them.

Collect beautiful moments,
They will stay with u for a LIFETIME.
While anything else will fade away.
It’s the experiences, the people, the memories that matter most in life.
Just loooook at her smile as she experiences the falling snow for the very first time in her life. PRICELESS!
Not everyone will get this experience and for that, I am very thankful.
#syukur #blessedandthankful #collectmoments #realityfacts #lifeistooshort #appreciatewhatyouhave #appreciategoodpeople
#beforetheyaregone #missingwinter #firstsnowexperience #letsdothisagain

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