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Lia Marie Johnson 

“Great warriors pray for a life of violence, it allows them curiousity to see how much abuse they can really take.” I am a spiritual warrior. If all goes well, this film will be released in theaters October 5th 2018. I can’t begin to explain the amount of knowledge I received from being apart of this film. I hope it brings you inspiration for life as it did for me when I first came across the storyline. xx

u are missed @urthgirl 👁

photography by my beautiful @urthgirl 👁

crystals and seashells are allowed in Alicia’s shoe, no bees though, man!

new visuals for champagne on my igtv.


@lunalynxx photography on Mononoke film ‼️‼️‼️

traveled to the mountains with some friends to see the Perseid meteor shower last night. this photo was taken in an 11 story gold mining cave built in 1870.

theres a butterfly near my hip if u look closely. little signs from the universe.

Listening to a drum circle, enjoying the beauty.

bruh. She dead? Nah.

going for a stroll.

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