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Lia Marie Johnson 

there are some inspiring and heartbreaking moments that bring a sense of clarity and change into my world. Like the night I came back to you, again. While every emotion and thought shifts my outlook on life, I have to remind myself that infinity exists and accept its grand, delusional storylines that are living inside of its overall being. I can’t make sense of my life in one moment. I can’t see everything that will be apart of the future. I can infer from the past, grow and learn from it, knowing that I am an evolving human, but I can also set positive manifestations in the moment that will effect my future and inevitably put the past to rest, knowing that I have learned from it and it has served me. There is too much beauty in this world to experience, we will feel as much as we can take.

I miss u two lovely people 🙏🏼 I miss all of our memories from earlier this year. More to come once we’re all reunited at some point. ❤️




my beautiful sleeping sisters on the way to the mountains. I miss you two lovely souls. I’m thinking of you always. See u soon.

I don’t need any of these things to do anything.


i hope ur flowers bloom 🌂

surrounded by love at a beautiful wedding with my soulmate.

so grateful to be apart of this film for a second time. Streaming now on YouTube premium. Much love to everyone involved in this production and to everyone who chooses to watch the film. 🤯

@lunalynxx photography on film. 4 eyes when I thought I only had 3. 👁

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