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Jaellen  Quit

Next month I would have been editing for a full year. I’ve decided that maybe it’s time to stop, it simply isn’t fun for me anymore and I don’t think you guys enjoy my edits anymore (But I bet you’ll enjoy this) So I’ve decided that I am going to stop editing. I’ll see you all later. And once enough people have seen this and are aware I am leaving. I’ll then disable my page. I’ve always loved editing and I’ve always loved watching edits, I’ve accomplished my goal of being put on a T3C page and now I feel like I can comfortably end my editing career, its been fun as hell and I’ve met some lit ass people, my boy @aureme.tno and my boy @mallaeck being ones from the beginning, and I also wanna thank my friends @flixxzy @nxnjavfx and @mdkaay, I’ve always felt like my followers care ab me and my well being and I think you all can agree with me, it is time for me to go, I’ll make a goodbye edit as soon as possible, thank you all for being such amazing followers, everyone keep their heads up and their spirits high, ily all, Thx for the love and support guys, you’ve made this past year great for me, Peace ✌️
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repost from december bc im busy

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