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Andrew Swarbrick  I am a tattoo artist and oilpainter, owner of lefthand path tattoos in Christchurch NewZealand. Also an avid Warhammer 40k player :)


My day off is looking a little epic. 9000 points per side and 4 sides....... :o 30K FTW!!!!

DAY 12: Progress from yesterday and a short day today. Stoked I didn't stay out too late or this would have literally been left out to dry! He looks a little flat and cartoony so the next step will to adjust the contrast and some of the colour temperature with glazes. While ther is still plenty of hours left in this, the finish line is definitely in sight!

DAY 10: It has been a big day today! I'm really pushing myself to try new things and see how far I can take this piece. Learning new techniques and adapting them to my style without having my brain dribble out my ears. I'm going to stop for a break before coming back to finish off the facial textures, then he will need to dry for a few days before I can glaze it so it doesnt look so flat. So back to work on the other pieces I started this week!

DAY 10??? Smashing some Portishead and Massive attack while plugging away on this monster! Its going to me a big day! #oilpaint #selfie #onetrickpony #whystherefishinit #itdoesntalwaysneedtobenakedladies

DAY 8: I'm happy with todays progress. A great start on this next piece. Its much larger than the other ones in progress as I really want to try to push the detail, this will be a tonne of work but I am excited! #itdoesntalwaysneedtobenakedladies

DAY 7/8 :So the last few days have been up and down. I tried something new and after a day of wrestling found myself dissatisfied with the results. I ended up losing a bit of sleep over it and with less than 4 hours rest under my belt yesterday wasnt too productive. However I did manage to get some idea dumping in the sketchpad and have done a bit more this morning. Realising that failure is a result of actually having a go, I am exited for what the rest of the day will bring with starting a new painting or 3 and hope that today I can really push outside of my comfort zone.

DAY 5 : So after the dentist this morning I have managed a few more hours on this one. Im calling today off early as the anesthetic is wearing off anf I find myself tired and in a little bit of pain hahaha! Im still happy with my progress and am really looking forward to the next few days!!!

DAY 4 : So I had a bad day yesterday. I found myself on a but of a downer and became extremely frustrated in the studio, (depression is a real bitch sometimes) thus I produced nothing. So a nice sleep in to help reset and I managed after a few hours of sketching to get excited about an idea, and managed to develop it into this underpainting. I am stoked with it and hopefully by later on tomorrow evening that Flake white will have dried enough to get back into this one. I have quite a few ephemeral embryos of ideas floating around up there so hopefully after ny early morning dental visit I'll be up for some more painting action! Thanks for reading all of that!

DAY 2 : A good solid session on this piece today. Mainly blocking in and really establishing the lighting and tonal values. Also a wee bit of correcting the mistakes in the drawing and keeping the ones I liked :p . This one will probably be too wet to work on tomorrow so I think I will have to start another one. No worries as I want to sit on this one for a bit and think about how I want it finished.

Underpainting all done. Now to let it flash off for an hour or two to hopefully get stuck in later on this evening!

The start of DAY 1 of my painting binge. I have blocked out two blocks of two weeks each to kick start my painting goals for the year, as my efforts have been a bit stagnant and frustrating so far this year. I really would love imput and support from my followers and friends as I embark on this new phase of my career. Things are gonna get wierd over the coming months as I take down some of my self imposed boundaries on my work and subject matter. It will be disjointed and a bit random but all with the main goal of finding my voice as an artist. Thanks in advance and keep your eyes peeled for regular updates!!

Thankyou Wellington for being awesome!!! @craigy_lee and the crew at @union.tattoo for the hospitality and the place to crash. And cheers to @drmorsetattoo for the mad yarns and the cool trade for this tattoo . Lets do it all again soon!!!

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