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The first image I took in the vendors-series and the images with the best story! Can't wait to go back! #LoveVietnam 🇻🇳 ❤️

Damn I miss this place! Have you been to Dien Bien? If the answer is no? You should! #Vietnam

Look at this beautiful face! And those gorgeous eyes! Can't get over it 😍😍

One month until I am going to Vietnam! Getting a little bit nervous haha 😂 #vendorsfromabove #LoesHeerink

A couple of more weeks and I am heading to Vietnam! #lovemylife

Today the weather is just perfect! I can hear the birds sing and the sun is shining ☀️ 🎶! Won't be too long now until the world is green again😍🐑

Dad, do you want to Go canoeing with me again? 🛶 #beleeftwente

Look at those eyes 👀 ❤️!

Did anybody receive the Süddeutsche Zeitung last weekend? They wrote something about me in it and I would love to get my hands on a copy! 📝 🤚 (see my story to see the article😊😊🚲)

This one's a little bit different than the other ones. 🚲🚲 I took this one from a restaurant in Old Quarter, Hanoi. It was a lot more convenient waiting on a balcony sipping a lemon juice 🍋 🍹 than on the bridges haha!

Came home from a lovely weekend getaway today! I absolutely loved to cross country ski 🎿 (I believe that's the correct English term)! I also went snowboarding one evening 🏂 ❤️! I fell pretty hard once. Okay twice. I had too much speed and hit some kind of snow gutter and fell backwards on my head. My feet then flew over my head again, making some kind of mini flip. Happy I was wearing a helmet😊👑. What were you up to this weekend?

Totally obsessed with the ice covering this stream. We are in Winterberg with my family, it literally means winter mountain. My niece(5) asked my sister: why is it called winterberg? Then my other niece(also 5) answered: Duh! It's a mountain and it has winter on it.. 😂😂😂😂