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Loes  Photographing alpaca 🦄 🎥 ! Creator of #vendorsfromabove❤️

Something different! #vendorfromnotabove #liveforthestory

Birdy birdy in the sky 🐦 @jessicamelati❤️

There's more to live than rush. Meet Bach! He was so kind to let me take his picture🤓

Monday❤️! I hope you All have a great week! Here is a little splash of color to kickstart the week❤️😘😘

On the way to Moc Chau ❤️ #throwbacktothismotorbiketrip

From the series: shops❤️

My beautiful sister @lotterooss❤️ Sometimes putting things out of focus makes more sense❤️

Almost got some bird poop on my head while taking this picture 🐣 💩! How far would you go for a picture?

Cant get over this weather💚! Do you think it's okay to overexpose⚪️?

💚50 shades of green 💚 Shutterspeed is a powerful tool! So is patience 🤓😉

I wanted to photograph the iconic red+blue taxis of Kuala Lumpur. Usually when I want something I just go and point my camera at it. Never ends up being a terrible good image. Then when I think about what it is that I want exactly a bit more. The image are always better. My point is: think before you shoot🤔🎥💎

💛💛Rocking yellow💛💛 tip: People standing in doorways are often a good target to shoot if your looking for a good portrait! Why? Because of the light!

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