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Apr 15th. Upcoming week in my bujo ☀️

Apr 4th. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed at everything going on this month, so I created this monthly spread using colour to represent all of my different commitments; work, university assignment due dates, courses, trainings, and personal events. There wouldn’t have been enough space to write these in each box so I used the white space on the side instead.
Unfortunately these markers bled through the paper - any recommendations for markers with multiple vibrant colours that don’t bleed? Preferably available in NZ 😊

Nov 21st. NOT excited for the busy two weeks ahead of me - moving in to my new flat, starting my summer research job, organising and attending a Psychology students’ conference, a pub crawl, a work Christmas party, and extra shifts at my part-time job. I’ve decided to try daily time ladders so I can organise my days and get everything done that I need to. Let’s hope I can stick to it! 🤗 (Also, it’s nearly December so is it socially acceptable to start playing Christmas music yet??? 🎄)

Nov 13th. Simple weekly spread since I have no more uni classes or assignments due 🙌 I’m so excited to experiment with new monthly, weekly, and daily layouts now that I won’t be stretched for creative time ☺️

Nov 12th. Oh, hey 🙋 {Let’s ignore the fact that it’s been a few months since I last shared any posts 😂} One of my favourite spreads last year was ‘17 before 2017’ because once I wrote down my goals for those last few months of the year, I really noticed how much of a conscious effort I made to achieve them. So this year I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and done another spread and I’ve got just over a month and a half left to try and smash these out! Some of them have specific times where I’ll be able to achieve them, such as a few days before New Years or next weekend for my pub crawl 🍺 But the rest of them I’m going to try and accomplish during the remaining weeks of 2017 in the lead up to the most wonderful time of the year 🎄🎄🎄

Aug 23rd. A month ago I started reading the book '168 Hours' by Laura Vanderkam, and I decided to track my own 168 hours to get a feel of how I spend my time.

As you can see, that week I spent A LOT of time catching up on Netflix shows. This also wasn't a usual week for me - I was away for the weekend for a 21st which also changed how my time was spent (although catching up with my best friends was not a waste of time at all!). I did this to see for myself where I can make improvements, specifically watching less shows and working more on uni or personal work.

I'm excited to go through this tracker and group all of my activities and decide where and how I can work on personal growth! I only have six weeks of undergraduate study left so now is as good a time as any to get as productive as possible, especially since I'll be moving into Honours study next year ☺️

Aug 13th. My to-do list for this coming week is still growing but I'm genuinely excited to get them done. There's no feeling quite like getting to cross things off your to-do list, am I right?! • It's also my 21st birthday this week so maybe that's why I'm in such an incredibly happy mood 🎉🥂🎈

Jul 16th. I'm hoping to get back into posting more, but I've been enjoying my university semester break so I haven't really been using my bujo! I went out of the country for the first time with all of my closest friends which was such an experience ✈️ And tomorrow my final undergraduate semester of university begins!

This is a spread inspired by @caitlinmariedasilva which I saw on her YouTube channel! I rarely use colour in my bujo but thought it was a good way to tell the difference for each of my classes 😊 I'm very excited for the next four months of undergrad and moving onto postgraduate studies in February! I hope all you other girl bosses are absolutely killing the game ✨

Jun 14th. It's been exactly two months since I last posted, and in those two months I forgot how important bullet journaling was to me. I'm gonna be honest with you, I got lazy. I stopped filling in trackers, then I only made daily to-do lists every few days when I remembered, and then I stopped altogether. My bujo gathered dust on my desk while I was forgetting important dates, or times, or procrastinating the work I had to do because I didn't have a plan. And that shit was stressful.
Then a couple of days ago, during my exam study, I took a few moments to think about how I could have made this a less stressful experience for myself. How I could have avoided the late nights and little sleep. And it all came back to my bullet journal. It all came back to me writing everything down and planning my time. Writing lists! Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with lists. So I made a massive list of what I wanted to achieve in the next few months. It's messy, it's not structured, and it's not something I originally wanted to post. But this is a raw brain dump of me trying to figure out exactly what I need to do to accomplish great things. This is me falling in love with my bujo for the second time.

Apr 14th. Easter Friday here in NZ! I made a spread for my 21st planning (yay!). My birthday is mid August so I've written down everything I need to book/organise and what month it needs to be done by. If I stick to this then I can make sure it's a great party, especially since I'll have a lot of family attending from around NZ so I need to make sure it's worth it for them 😋

I've also decided to ask those invited to bring a donation for the local SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) instead of a gift for me. I encourage all of you to make some sort of donation- whether that be money, your time, or an item- to a local organisation of choice that stands for something you support and believe in. It can make the world of difference 😊

2nd April. New spread in my new Sand bujo! My nighttime routine 😴
I'm trying to be more productive in the evenings when I tend to feel more motivated to study, but I also love my sleep! Since I have to get up early most weekdays for class or my internship, I try to do as much prep for tomorrow the night before. My morning routine is on the opposite page and I'll share it soon! ☺

26th March. Happy Sunday! Just finished setting up a new-look weekly spread that has everything I need: a general to-do list, events, meals & gym plan. I also love the 'next week' feature so I can include anything important I need to keep in mind for the following week.
Most of the meals look the same because I just meal prepped breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for Mon-Fri of next week since I know I'm going to be busy and I'm trying to eat healthy (and keep my bank account healthy too) instead of buying my lunch at uni every day (oops). Also my first bujo is nearing the end! I can't believe it. I purchased the 'Sand' colour for my next one and I'm going to set that up in the next couple of days so can't wait to share that with you! 😊

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