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9 days old and already a flirt #millerpesko4thewin

How has it already been a week since the best thing that’s ever happened to me?

I love you so much. If you told us 5 years ago about where we’d be right now we’d look at each other and laugh (probably drunk at the portly). I’m so happy you’re the person that turned into my rock and my support system. I don’t know where I’d be without you and you continue to surprise me everyday with your love. Thank you for being you ♥️

I never thought I would be a mom but now that I am, I couldn’t imagine being anything else #millerpesko4thewin

Happy due date puppy 💙

Our perfect angel 💙

Every happy moment I’ve experienced and every struggle I’ve faced has led me to you and it was worth every step of the way my perfect angel ♥️

Miller Philip Pesko ♥️ 5/10/19 at 6:48 PM

My babies 😭♥️

Found a suitable shirt to wear til my kid decides to come out

Spring 2019 Semester: ✅
Giving birth: Still pending

20 days til my due date ✨ whenever ur ready Miller, my bags are packed

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