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lëx  ♈️❣♐️

my best friend. my partner. my boyfriend. my everything. Excision with you everytime is perfection.🔊♐️✨♈️💗

this wolf shirt is still the best purchase of my existence.🐺✨🌿

Datsik killed per usual- Happy birthday my aquarius babies.💗♒️♐️♒️💗

*drum roll* half sleeve & 3 hours later- here he is.✨

we have a million & 1 pictures together and so little of them are actually decent. but here's where all of the happiest pictures we have together stem from. ITS MY BESTFRIEND, MY GIRLFRIEND, MY SOULMATE, MY OTHER HALF, MY PERSON- ITS HER BIRTHDAY.!!! you are my absolute bestfriend in the entire world & i could never & will never live without you. to here's to our dog bed, road trips, loud concerts, ugly snapchats, daily facetiming, emotional breakdowns, constant pickups, family guy, thai food, piercings & tattoo dates, and a thousand other memories & cliches that make lex & syd possible. i hope today is as marvelous as you. i love you more than the sky & i couldn't ever express my gratitude for you and all you've done for me & never leaving my side. everyone needs a person like you in their life & im glad i got you my junior year of HS. lots of love & happiest of birthdays to you Syd.💜💕✨🦋

the Dion Timmer to my Excision🌸🌟👽

"cliche quote about peace & happy days to all."🌳🌸🍁🌻

greetings & happy holidays from a fitting room.🎄⭐️

•missing home with my favorite boy a little (a lot) lately• #DFT2016

i'm not actually this edge-y🌸✨

just a happy little human🌸✨🌿

lol you wild-

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