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Alex  Husband, father, goofball Life is strange, choose happiness

There’s snow on the ground and I’m moving south. Alligators > snow

A sex symbol

I’m going to keep trying until something fucking sticks. I love y’all. From the bottom of heart. I’ve realized there’s no “end goal” just opportunities you keep taking and building and growing from. Pave the way

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Hey man! It’s okay! Keep going

HEYOOOO, I just got my notification that my “YDD (your daily dad)” hoodie shipped and I’m pumped to rock it. If you ordered any of our gear, post it when it arrives and I’ll add it to my story. It’s the absolute least I could do!
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Good morning ☺️ what you want in your pancakes?

Fuck a cover charge
@mmarino058 can I get a job?
📷 @fazdleeisa

THis is my only account. Report anyone else, please

What goes unsaid is that after years of lifting, the muscle you put on makes staying in shape a little easier. Last night I ate whatever I wanted and stayed up late. I knew my body wouldn’t disappear overnight. I enjoyed the moment. So keep going. Don’t just work for tomorrow, work for the years ahead where you’ll thank yourself for your effort. Only you got you.

Dasss my boy ❤️🐶

Alright alright last merch plug. We designed a few things and I’m pretty proud of them. I already ordered the hoodie 🤣😅 link in bio

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