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Lexie Pogue  • NPC Bikini 👙 • Top 10 National NPC Bikini 🏅 • @riseathleticperformance Coach: Lloyd Herford 🏆

*just watch* HAPPY 50TH BDAY TO THE GOAT AKA THEEE ADAM POGUE. Shit, you show that you’re only as old as you act. You show me a lot, but mostly that you’re the parent i got my moves from. Love you dad ❤️ #mooseknuckle

You my girl Harps. You’re such a dork.. but you my girl.

My dilemma: always wants to be a brunette, but knows that I’m meant to be a blonde. So i try to get the best of both worlds.. and Mackenzie gave me just that 🤗

Don’t ask me why I was rolling my shoulders so much 😂 but when you’re lean, every check-in gives you a chance to play around. I guess I just find it fun to stand there and flex/unflex 😂 I’ll always think the stuff I accomplished this past season was just the craziest thing... it’ll be even better next time though 😎

Today when i was warming up for my first exercise.. a guy started to take a plate away from me, and looked at me like i was joking when i said i was going to use it. So.. i showed him that i actually use 2 plates, and then he proceeded to eventually ask if he could hop in with me 🤷🏼‍♀️ #girlscanbestrongtoo #dontunderestimateme #onamission

It’s not very often that I’ll openly say I’m proud of myself buttttt.... I’m proud of myself

It’s amazing what a lot of sweet potatoes can do to the bod 😜 lol #throwback to my alien days.. always so fun to see yourself looking a little crazy

When you somehow have THE best people in your corner (I just don’t know what I did to deserve them all), then you find a way to feel like you’re capable of anything you set your mind to. #happygirl #feelingontopoftheworld

Another day another selfie lol b/c I actually feel like everything in life rn is a dream come true 👸🏼 #makingmyownhappiness #busyseasonmeanszerosleep #butitsokbecauseimdoingeverythingilove

One of the greatest things to ever happen to me: my team ❤️ #riseathleticperformance #riseandriseagain #lambsbecomelions #keepthegoalthegoal

SURPRISE I still lift!!! Lol. Kept my offseason to myself a lot lately, and that’s at my own faults. Last time I stepped off stage (August), I had it made up in my head that I was going to work really freaking hard the rest of the year, keep my weight around 110 lbs, and then when January rolled around I’d start a prep so I could be back at JR USA again this year. Well here we are, and yes I do work really god damn hard in the gym everyday, but that 110-lb goal is loooong gone and I am well over that weight, and clearly I am not in prep for a show that’s anytime soon. So.. what happened? Well, the fact that I want to be the best has happened, and the fact that I’m getting that pro card one of these days, but the fact of the matter is that I just don’t have the build for it yet. So, an extended offseason is happening. “No progress is made in a comfortable environment,” as Lloyd said in one of his videos the other day, and that’s where I’m at. With me being uncomfortable rn, I sadly forget to celebrate/focus on a lot of great victories that are happening since ending my last prep. My metabolism is AMAZING - I eat 2,700 calories a day. My body is finally healthy again. My mood is so much better. I’m STRONG - I’ll just say that I’m pretty confident that I throw a lot of weight around, and I am constantly getting stronger. There are so many things. I know that I am doing all of the things needed to get me to where I want. “Keep the goal, the goal” - thank you for that Lloyd and for being my voice of reason, and the mastermind behind all of this. I know there’s an amazing plan you have made up behind why we’re doing what we’re doing, and the second you say it’s go time, it’ll all make sense & I’ll be saying you were right for everything (as I always end up doing haha). Truly the greatest coach in the entire world. Working everyday on embracing this process so I can be 10000% undeniable when my time comes. May not be a short or easy ride, but at least I’ll know that I have earned it :)

These are my real eyelashes 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’ve survived week 1 of being an accountant, and to prove it, i have a picture of me actually dressed up for the 5th day in a row #getatme #nopingbun #accountantsdontwearlulu

Day 1 as a working gal ☑️

Ask me about the circumference of my biceps. #actuallyjk #pleasedont #horriblepickupline #weirdsmeout

Obligatory late-night post because this is what keeps me up at night. 21-week-old baby doesn’t have a bedtime. Bad mom? Maybe. Cool mom? Duh 😎

Little snippet from when i was taking checkin photos 2 days out from my show. This was immediately after getting off my flights and driving to my hotel, about 5:30 pm with 3 meals in me. I’ll always be amazed by all of the veins in this lol i just think it’s the craziest thing.. doesn’t seem like that could ever be me. My favorite part is when i go to shut the video off at the end.... LOOK AT HOW VASCULAR MY STOMACH IS! Lol i just truly never believed I’d ever achieve something like this... but with some hard work and the right guidance.. anything can happen 😎

Yo I got myself a fatty (won most enthusiastic person tho)

Hey there beautiful

It’s been a while since I posted an offseason update, so I figured it was well overdue. SO this is me right now - not shredded, no abs, BUT what I do have is a lot of purpose behind this physique. I have been so intentional this offseason from my macros, to my training, to everything in between. Going into my last show I was ~98 lbs, and now I’m about 12 lbs heavier. There are a lot of reasons why I say I’ve been so intentional these last 4ish months. I need muscle, so in order to do that I HAVE to eat in a surplus and HAVE to put on some weight (some of that being fat) so I can gain some quality tissue. In order to get here, we have raised calories from ~1800 to ~2700 over time. This has been slow so therefore every lb gained is purposeful and controlled. Not only are those calories helping me with my physique, but it also helps bring back a lot of psychological and physiological details that you can lose during a TRUE prep. Prep is draining - I put way too much focus on if the scale even goes up .1 lb, I lost any sort of social life, and was so scared of anything getting in the way of me progressing each and every day. My body image isn’t my #1 priority now, but instead it has shifted towards training hard and eating right, and then also spending time with people and being a PERSON. I don’t think everyone sees that I allowed myself to fall off the face of the earth during my prep, and I was so tired of having that pressure on myself. I want to be in this sport longterm, so I have to separate prep from offseason and realize how to treat each one differently. In all facets of life, I’ve tried to just flat out improve. I know this isn’t as “wow” as a photo deep in prep, but this is has a whole lot more reliability than those pictures do. SO, here’s me in all my glory lol and a little update to hopefully shed some light on something that is actually maintainable.

#Throwback to a look. I swear i don’t just live in the past lol, but I do like abs. Back before i ever decided to compete, i used to always say that one of my goals before i died was to have abs. Legit never thought I’d see the day lol SO i like to round up the tool pics while i can 😂 #ps #itsallinthediet #notbroughttoyoubysitupsandcrunches

Tell me that my sweater is cute

Mr. Claus, Mrs. Claus, and their two elves want to wish you a verrrrry merry Christmas!!!! 🎅🏻🤶🏼🎄🎁

Ooooh one from the prep archives.... this was like maybe a week or so out from my last show. Pretty fun when you lift your shirt up and see all of those veins... kinda makes you feel like a badass haha. No easy way to get to this point though. No quick fix, no detox lol, or diet secrets.... just hard training, the right amount of cardio, and a clean meticulous diet. Pretty cool what the mind and body can do. Until next time though... princess is trading abs for lots of food right now 😂✌🏼 #seeyaagainsomeday #imissyou #butlovemy2600caloriediet #andlowcardio

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