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Regardless of any good or bad anyone could ever tell me, I know I don’t yet have a pro physique... and I only have 5.5 weeks to find it. So, I enjoyed my burger and fries after finals yesterday, and then I was immediately back on my routine. Got back in the gym today with my usual cardio and training, and kept the goal the goal: North Americans. It was great :)

Only Lexie Pogue would cry tears of happiness on stage 😂 And I swear I’m not emotional in front of crowds! Lol whatevs.
• When prejudging ended yesterday, I finished in the 3rd place spot. You need Top 2 for your National qualification. Since this was kinda my “pop in, pop out” show for North Americans.. I was a mess. I’m impatient, so I was already looking on the NPC website trying to find the nearest show to fly to next weekend to try to hopefully place better there. I was def crying a lot lol but ya know, makeup lol, so I was trying to keep my cool.
• So.. I obvi already knew I wasn’t winning lol. I had accepted that. I already knew my critiques. When finals finally came around, I was basically shitting bricks lolol. I was freaking. out. Convinced in my mind that I was about to hear that I wasn’t qualified for NAs. But, I kept my cool and my confidence when it was time to go out there.
• The second that I didn’t hear my name called for 3rd.... I lost my shit and started crying. I was just so happy at that point. I knew I was getting my qualification.. which was the whole point of that show in the first place. I knew I was getting what I needed. Josh knew. My family knew. Brooke even thinks she yelled “Fuck yeah” 😂. I BAWLED like a baby the second I stepped off. It was such a relief. I even hugged the judge for helping me get to NAs 😂 He knew.. I didn’t win, which is ok, but he knew what I needed.. and all I could do at that point was hug him and say thank you over and over.
• Thank you to anyone who ever shows any sign of believing in me..... I’ve been so overwhelmed with just AMAZING people the past few days.. it just shocks me that anyone would say anything nice to me about something like bodybuilding. All I can say is that I have every ounce of meaning behind those words.
• Finally, this is only the beginning.... onward and upward from here. The goal is the goal. And I’ve got a pro card to work towards :)

I’m finally posting :) So, I’m trying damn hard to get my Pro Card. Last year, I was too tiny and needed to grow. So, I’ve fucking WORKED to be worthy of that national stage. In April I started prepping for North Americans. I needed to do a regional show to qualify for NAs, hence this weekend. So, I went on stage, and never touched center. You guys.. it killed me. I had girls taking pics w/ me saying “I need this to know what to work towards”, saying “I heard you’re the one who does national shows”, so many knowing me by name without ever introducing myself.. but I placed 2nd in Open. Was it what I wanted? No.. lol. I feel stupid. And I say this from the bottom of my heart.. I’m the least cocky person I know. Truly. It just hurts and I know the work I put in. Got my feedback from 2 judges: 1 said I was perfect. Perfect symmetry, presentation, posing, presence, muscle, conditioning, everything. Ok.. Other said I was just too conditioned (aka too hard and they were judging softer). Said I was a “bag of chips” away from the overall. But that they gave me the 2nd b/c they looked at me and could tell I was a national-level competitor needing her qualification. Also said I’ll do great at NAs in a few weeks (fingers crossed lol). Although I’ve always prided myself that I’m a HARD working girl, and I was told by a judge that it SHOWS, I’m taking this as a wake up call that I need to kick myself in the ass if I deserve a top placing at NAs in 5.5 weeks. At the end of the day, I hope my physique shows that I pour my heart and soul into bodybuilding. I just LOVE it. It’s my everything. I got what I came for, my ticket to NAs, so I’m still in prep :) had the BEST FREE MEAL EVER & now I’m back at it. I’ll post more later with my family, but for now... thank you to everyone. Everyone. Anyone who has said one kind thing to me this whole prep.. I hope you know a little goes a long way.
Also, thank you to @herford_rise..... I know I didn’t come out a winner for you, my coach, but all I’ll say until I get a pic w/ you in 5.5 weeks is that you’re truly the, THE greatest coach and human I know. Regardless of today, you’ve taken me from nothing, to National Bodybuilder... thank you

Sorry to keep posting.. I’m just in the best mood :) I’m in my zone. Got my last lift in. PS my weight today was 103.4 #tinyaf

Hey :) almost time

Throwback b/c we literally never take pictures together... but you guys 😭 this is my best friend in the entire world. This is what it’s all about to me... I know 99% of the time when you’re a bodybuilder, it’s easiest to surround yourself with people who live the same type of lifestyle. But there is that 1% who even if they don’t DO the same thing as you, they just get it the best they possibly could and will always, ALWAYS be there for you.. that’s my sister. She probably didn’t expect me to share this card with the whole world haha but it made me cry soo I have to. I’m a bodybuilder and accountant, and she’s eats noodles for about every meal and is an architect, but idk anyone else who would drop DAYS of their summer to come be with me for my show... oh my god I love my sister with everything in me. Number 1 most supportive and selfless person I know.. and the one person who I’ll always gladly drive through a fast food drive-thru for lol. Omg here’s to the start of getting ready for show day with my Brookie 😭❤️

When you throw some rice cakes & honey in your meal, crazy things happen... alllllll the veins in the stomach, boobs, and arms making themselves known hahaha. Happy peak week 🤓

I’ll finally say it.. I’m shutting up after this though.. tomorrow starts peak week 😬

This lil bikini girl got a refeed last night of 5 pancakes & syrup 🤤 #thankscoach sooo needless to say i had some fun veins and a good pump tonight 🤗 show day #1 is quickly, quickly approaching, and North Americans is 7 weeks from today

Even despite the weight I’ve lost this prep ~14 lbs so far, I’m really happy with how my arms have hung on :) and more importantly, my strength. Still hitting PRs even though I’m in week 13 of prep and got some time to go.. I refuse to make any excuses, and will completely 100% own up to the physique I’m bringing to the stage.. anything less than my best is not an option for this little miss lexie 🤗

Today Brooke and I did something really special.. and I got another tattoo for the 2nd week in a row hahahahaha maybe that’s my outlet during prep. But out of all the things that are meaningful in life, we would’ve never came to be if it wasn’t for the date that my parents got married. That day was the birth of everything we have now, and I’m pretty sure that’s something worthy of being written on us forever. This is now the 3rd matching tattoo I’ve gotten with my best friend, my little sister, and I highkey wouldn’t be surprised if we came up with another one in the coming years haha. Like how people say they wear their heart on their sleeve? I wear my heart and my world all over my entire body, and couldn’t be more proud of the things I show.

I know I keep posting the same pose.... in black & white b/c secrets lol... but I do what I want and I’m still progressing haha sooooo 🤷🏼‍♀️ even though North Americans is still 8 weeks away, the START of my 2018 season is starting verrry soon (that’s all I’ll say though) 🤗

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