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Happy birthday to the most amazing mom 💗I forever will be thankful for not all that you do for me but what you do for the boys too. You're truly an amazing women and will always be the person I want to become as I get older. Love you momma, happy birthday.💕💘

I'm so beyond proud of you for graduating college! We all back home are so proud of you, and we can't wait for you to be back home!! I'm one proud little sister Rj, love you so much!💗 #beardown

First homerun of the season💪🏽⚾️#hittinbombs

really diggin' this new hair💇🏽

Today was the last day of my Child Poverty awareness campaign, and I can say that it absolutely went amazing! I hope all this wonderful information I brought you helped out on getting to know what is going on in other countries around the world. #CAHSPEndingChildPoverty

Child Poverty has been an issue for many many years now, it seems like when there's hope it's getting better it zooms right back down to being low numbers. 76% of children are more likely to have problems with language and behavioral functions, then kids who aren't in poverty. 31% are more likely to spend time in the hospital, each day 1,000 children die due to water and sanitation related diarrheal issues. When children don't have the proper essentials due to Child Poverty in developing countries there chance survival dwindles. So let's join together and help bring an awareness to stopping child poverty! #CAHSPEndingChildPoverty

The organization World Vision, is an amazing organization that is working on bringing money to the families and children who do not have enough money to provide for their families. Each day 22,000 children are dying due to the harmful affects of Poverty. Due to lack of food 3 million children lives are lost each year, by going to the organization World Vision, you can donate and help lower those numbers. Make one less child be able to survive and thrive no matter how much money you give or whatever you give. The link is https://www.worldvision.org/?campaign=119351258&gclid=CjwKEAiArbrFBRDL4Oiz97GP2nISJAAmJMFaKzkUTU-SuYoHwSVcTqa5tmm_QLpZwioPSXfeOggpzRoCxALw_wcB go and think about donating today. You can make a difference! #CAHPSEndingChildPoverty

Each and everyday more children are dealing with poverty in there country. This causes many children not to be able to go to school to get a proper education just because they do not have any basic school supplies so they can learn. There are many wonderful organizations that you can donate too, but here's one for now. Plan International is an amazing organization working hard on bringing an ease to Child Poverty, you can go to there website https://plan-international.org and you can make a donate of however much money that you want to give. Even just giving a dollar can make a huge difference in the child's life! So let's go and make a difference by donating! #CAHPSEndingChildPoverty

Some of you may have already seen this on my Facebook and eventually my twitter too. But I am currently doing a campaign for my junior English class to bring an awareness to Child Poverty. Every 2 days till the 28th of February I will be posting many statistic, information, and places where you can donate items to many wonderful organizations. Nearly 385 million children are currently living in some type of poverty in developing countries. Please hit the like button, and even go retweet or share my posts on my two other social media accounts. Bringing an awareness to Child Poverty will help people know more about what is happening in the world around them! #CAHPSEndingChildPoverty

Happy Valentine's Day to my love bug🌹i love you💘


‪Happy 18th birthday Bay, you're the best cousin in the world.💘love you lots!!!!‬

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