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Lexi Thompson  LPGA Golfer, family oriented girl, and im living the dream ❤️

A day on the water...needed 🙌🏼❤️

On top of the media day for the @iwitchamp I got to meet this group of amazing girls! #mademyday

Definitely wasn’t my week, was kind of lost out there. But it’s a tournament I always look forward to going to, thanks to the all the sponsors, volunteers and fans for making the @marathonlpga possible! The course was in great shape for us and I always enjoy coming to Toledo:)

This little girl Alex Conley, came out with her dad today, drove 2+ hours to make it to watch my whole pro am and she did an amazing book report on me for school. She definitely made my day ❤️ #blessed

Pro am group for the @marathonlpga 😊

Well safe to say I didn’t lay out enough last week to even out my tan lines 😂 oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️ #toobusypracticing #rockthegolftan #proamparty #ohio

Hey everybody! I just want to start off on this message by saying I’m so grateful for every one of my fans and it means the world to me the support you give me. I wanted to write something on a post that is very important to me and to other “public figures” as well. I made this page once I became a professional to give everybody a look at my life outside of the course or on course, what I do to train, how I have fun, how I practice etc. A lot of people ask “why don’t you reply? Why don’t you recognize your fans? “ honestly it’s gotten very difficult for me especially in the last two years to even want to read anything on posts I do or DMs because of the negative comments. I get that in any profession or if your good at something you’ll have haters, but to see the few hurtful and negative comments on basically every pic I post is ridiculous. I post workout videos I get “go practice your putting” I post putting drills I get criticized that I’m not doing it right. I post something that I’m not out on course I get “ you should play more instead of taking so much time off.” You know what I’m 23 years old I’ve been practicing 5-7 hours a day training 1-2 hours a day and traveling 25-30 weeks out of the year ever since I was 12 years old. I work my butt off, I have sacrificed a lot to make myself the best golfer and person I can be. I love the competition of golf and all the amazing fans I’ve gotten along the way I’m so blessed even for the opportunity to play golf for a living. But I speak on behalf of all athletes basically when I say, we are human beings with feelings and we’re doing our best to be the best possible at what we do. And for all the haters out there you need to realize that. From now on if I see a negative comments on my page or anything I will block you. This page is made to be positive and I won’t deal with negativity in my life especially on my social media. Thanks so much to all the true supporters out there that understand what we go through and for always being there for us! ❤️🙌🏼 #positive #lovemyfans #blessed

Don’t usually do the whole crop top look but figured I’d try it out🤷🏼‍♀️ got this new workout outfit and kinda liking it haha. And no I didn’t go to the small child section for my shirt 😜 @pumawomen

3 1/2 hours of practice then killed a workout with @kolbywayne like always 💪🏼

Congrats to #WomanUp Post winner @iz.grace15 who embodied what to #WomanUp means! ⛳👍THANK YOU to all of the submissons...They were Inspiring to see! @Redbull #GivesYouWings

4th of July workout with @kolbywayne after a morning of practice!🇺🇸💪🏼 #typeofbarsilike

100 left to right, 100 right to left and 100 straight 👍🏻 #drilltime

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