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Lexe Starr  ✰ ❂ ♥ † ❥ | i am alive, your spirit is within me ∞ | ⋙ MU

Sweater Weather with my 𝔹𝕆𝕆𝕤 ☻

Lindsay wore the cutest outfit last night ツ

❃ ❃ ❃ me & my T’s ❃ ❃ ❃

bid business ✭ ΘΦΑ ✭

#starrreception 💖✨💐💕

here’s to the strongest & coolest dad I know... love you always ♡ •thanks for all the prayers ❃

hoping for the best here MU ✰

Hey MTV, welcome to my CAVE ╳ ⋙ Honolulu addition

I’m gonna call this a full out love post because it’s so much more than just appreciation ✨💗 -This man.. he’s just ... heaven sent. My hearts so full of love for you and I officially can say I have someone who just gets me. It sounds simple, because it is. He just simply understand me more than i ever knew possible. He’s kind, he’s loving, and he’s my faith buddy. I would never want to try life any other way. Without you nothing in life would be as funny to me, what a wonderful human you are 💜 these words seem wrong, because no words will ever be enough to explain it, the love we share is ours and it’s the only thing I could own, and the only reinsurance I need in this world. Thank U for your continuous random acts of kindness and love towards me.. Keep spreading love, and laughs the way you do. You are the person we all we hope to find, thank you for stumbling into my life. ✨🤩💖

Panama beachin baby 🦀

Happy birthday to YOU💘, even tho we aren’t in each others lifes much anymore I’m still so glad I got the chance to meet someone so fun loving, carefree, and awesomely disgusting ..
•I miss walking by ur door and hearing the intro to the office, or walking into your room at 2pm to pitch black & u still sleeping, I miss staying up till 3am even if I didn’t go out bc I knew when u would be home to interrupt and entertain me with your story’s from the night~~~~~~~~~~ •soooo eat a turkey sandwich w/extra mayo for me & run a mile at the Rec and call it a hard workout!!
....love u forever & always ✨ #happy20s💗🌈🌼🥂✨

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy dayy 🌞 •HI✈️OH

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