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Chasing Waterfalls Photo Contest: With Summer right around the corner, we’re excited to be teaming up with our friends @artofvisuals on a “Chasing Waterfalls” photo contest!
RULES for #iwentchasingwaterfallssorrytlc
1. Hashtag your best waterfall photos #iwentchasingwaterfallssorrytlc
2. Must be following @artofvisuals & @lexarmemory
3. Tag some friends in the comments below
DATES: May 23 – May 28
1st: 64GB Lexar Professional 1000x SD card
2nd: 32GB Lexar Professional 1000x SD card
3rd: 32GB Lexar Professional 1000x SD card
Winners will be will selected based on creativity, theme, and the rules listed above. Winners will be announced on 5/29. Best of luck!
Photo by @charlie_keating

Reflecting on the week ahead. Beautiful photo from Lexar Ambassador @rodtrvn. Shot on #lexarmemory

Permission to chase waterfalls next weekend? So ready to bask in the sunlight! Gorgeous photo from @noeldxng, thanks for tagging #lexarmemory!

Twilight reflecting off Yosemite’s Half Dome. Gorgeous photo from Lexar Elite Photographer @don_smith_photography. Shot on #lexarmemory

A cabin tucked away in remote solitude of Greenland. Incredible photo by @patheight. Thanks for tagging #lexarmemory!

Talk about first light! Stunning photo from Lexar Ambassador @syntax_error. Shot on #lexarmemory

Safe and sound, with wildfires blazing on the hillside. Photo by @bryanrowephoto. #lexarmemory

Where will this Summer lead you? A collaboration with @artofvisuals. Shot in 4K with #lexarmemory

Where will this weekend take you? Stunning photo from Lexar Ambassador @gilbrtortiz. Shot on #lexarmemory

Lexar Takeover with @jaydickmanphoto 6/6: "Greenland is an amazing place to shoot. Remote, beautiful, austere the photographic possibilities there are really endless. I was on a National Geographic Expedition to Greenland, Baffin Island and Ellesmere. On the National Geographic “Explorer,” we’d sailed near Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Archipelago. Drift ice was still around, with the background of tundra and mountains, which gave the perfect place, in the incredibly still waters, to capture a mirrored reflection. Shot on the Olympus E-M1, 12-40mm f2.8 lens, and Lexar Professional 2000X SDXC card." - Lexar Elite Photographer @jaydickmanphoto. #lexarmemory

Lexar Takeover with @jaydickmanphoto 5/6: "I’ve been photographing the American west for decades, and I never tire of the photographic possibilities. I was working with National Geographic at the Ranch at Rock Creek, in Montana-in February. Winter in Montana can be treacherous, as we had a near blizzard move in during the shoot. These horses were running across a pasture when they decided to start playing. You have to be ready for great moments....at any moment. This includes staying with a situation until it is truly “over”. The other individuals with whom I was photographing had left the scene already, assuming that chances for good photos were gone. Shot on the Olympus OM-D E-M1 MkII, 40-150mm f2.8 lens, and Lexar Professional 2000X SDXC card." - Lexar Elite Photographer @jaydickmanphoto. #lexarmemory

Lexar Takeover with @jaydickmanphoto 4/6: "I love photographing people, and I think we share who we are –culturally-via photography. I was on the island of Madagascar, and had the opportunity to spend time with the Bara people. This woman is using a paste made from tree bark as a sun screen as well as a skin softener. The Bara are an indigenous people and when we make a photograph of a very cool event, person or moment, we often don’t watch the edges of the frame as carefully as we should. I suggest shooting what is so great, and if the moment is a bit static, spend a bit more time with the situation to see what’ll develop. (no play on words there.) I was careful to not include any visual distractions in the background such as the edge of the wall or a window, as this would have pulled the attention away from this beautiful subject. Shot on the Olympus E-M1 MkII, 40-150mm f2.8, and Lexar Professional 2000X SDXC card." - Lexar Elite Photographer @jaydickmanphoto. #lexarmemory

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