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Lexi Atkins  👽 //currently in Vancouver ✨filming altered carbon✨🚀


Call me Belle ✨👽🎀

Happy Birthday @officialcoreymichael I love you more than words can ever describe--you constantly remind me of what true friendship looks like... & I thank the stars above for letting ours align! ✨👽Please don't kill me for posting this bc I know your black mail is better than mine 😂 also LOL at @i_am_arsnova trying to understand our crystal obsession // why I have so many in my apartment hahahaaah #selenite will make em dance

#Cureall 😴

@maestrofreshwes ✨its 🔥🔥🔥
I somehow stumbled into the @vegexpo here in Vancouver--and let's just say I was in a mini veg heaven... ✨🚀brb while I take a million digestive enzymes bc I think I tried everything in there more than twice 😂👽😍 #vegexpo2017

Yoga this morning ✨as life's reminding me about the time I burned frog poison into my leg... #kambo ✨👽🐸

Alone rn but in love rn

Just me & my friends exploring the city... #squad

Still celebrating #memorialday weekend even if I'm not in the states... 👽turn up w the Indigo kefir @indigoagecafe (organic fermented coconut water w Blue Majik e3 live) lol🤓😍 Cheers ✨🚀

My pockets are too small..


👽alley cat

Is light concealed
We are so covered up
It's hard to know
which one of us is real
So we walk in grey matter
On a fine line of rules
Cloned like one another
Waiting to finally see
We're jewels
#alienpoems byme 👽

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