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Lex Richards 

Dancing between father sky and mumma earth on this fine line of life.
Feeling every bit of the road, the wind from all directions and the heat of the sun burning away the past as the future unfolds before my eyes.
Remembering the greatest power is a nourished loving heart as this will be the tracks we leave behind..

When I drop my phone when climbing trees and my Nephew goes to check it out as its taking photos still...

The light dance..

So lucky for family to help get over those bridges of life..

So good hanging and playing with these monkeys each week

So special spending quality to with family, wrestling, surfing, laughing, fires, walks, deep and meaningful's, meals, games, walks and sunshine together. Medicine for the soul 💓🌞🌊

Simple experiement, natural teaching and profound outcomes. Think, speak and be loving to all plants, creatures and people. Thank you all beings for the opportunity to be a part of and create a beautiful world for the generations to come.. #love trees #goodthoughts #positivevibes #natureninjas

Spending the evening with these wild beautiful, singing, majestic creatures, whales and @medicineofthemother

Trapeze × nature ninja × Tarzan x mud x funniest home videos = ... #trapeze # nature ninja #tarzan #mud #stack #win #fail

How the men's camp work with the fire.
#fire #sacred #gathering #elements #fullpower

Branching out to new heights. Taking youth at risk into risky situations creating confidance and capabilities

You can take the cat out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the cat..

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