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Lex Richards 

We are Trees. We breath, we come from the earth, go back to the earth, we reach for the sun, we support life, we create compost, we are the next generation. We are important, We are strong and adaptable.

Home school Nature Learning ninjas
What an awesome day program I ran with 25 home school kids. We tracked, quadrapedaled, climbed, swung, hunted, hid, meditated, ducked, weaved, peacefully battled and wrestled and did some burpees for good measure. I look forward to doing more days like this. Taking the embodied learning and exploration into nature's classroom
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The space within opens to allow light and strength to exist.
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Nature Ninja's doing Quadrapedal games to the sound of didge songs and tracking games to find a Piñata. All in a Sunday afternoon of nature fun.

Went for a Saturday stroll and found some beautiful nature.. Blown away by how she keeps on giving and supporting life with such grace and decay with beauty in every detail.

Tracking waterfalls in our backyard..
West way to spend a rainy Sunday with mates and nature
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#natureconnection #medicine #explore #raining #waterfalls #upperwilsonscreek

All experiences come to an end opening to a new beginning greater experience and connection, cycle of life constantly unfolding and evolving.. Integrating the deep learnings and experience into the greater sharings and dance of life..

Amazing Spring retreat times
Many movement practices, Bush skills, community living and thriving
Fire baths, music, acro, jungle gym and games being explored
Loving this life
#retreat #ancestialmovement #lovinglife

Sometimes you meet a brother from another mother and share stories, music, skills and time together. We might seem to be different colours, shapes and size on the outside but we all share a resonance of love and understanding on the inside.. Thank you Brother Wantanga for helping me birth my medicine drum. From the Roo skin of this land and the intentions from my heart woven together to create a beat to share with the world. We are all related.
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Bringing in the didge, the vibrations, sounds and creativity to Nature Ninja to invoke the animals expressions in the young ones. So impressed with how they picked up the receptivity to sound coming into form of their own bodies as animals. Less words more feeling, less separation more connection, less instruction more exploration. These are beautiful foundations that can BE applied to all aspects of life unfolding
#didge #natureninja #movement #life # fun #play #remembering

Going in deep with beautiful tribe, yoga, body calligraphy, earth design and nature connections in our special valley of upper Wilsons creek. What beautiful magic, awareness and intelligence there is to share and connect in with in this world. BIG Love to all beings

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