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Lex King  Strategist. mastermind. one man army or a valuable team member. I post more videos than pics Sytfu 👇🏾Riotsquad Drift Team 🇺🇸🇯🇵⚒👇🏾


I got two birthday gifts, this was one of the most rewarding. This kid is cold as ice. This was his first ride along and he actin like he been here for years. This dude was born for this! He's looking thru the line as if he's the driver, I love it!! Check out the whole event from the Vlog. Link in bio. #RiotSquadDriftTeam #2ndgen #mazdausa #fc3s #Rx7 #kids #Fatherhood #bonding #KingsofRecreation

Super butt pucker mode! Check out the full Vlog found at the link in description. #superd #rx7 #fc3s #falkentire #RiotSquadDriftTeam #machoman #thunderhillraceway

@s2klean captured me buzzing the tower on the skid pad giving my kid a ride. To see how that went click the link in my bio, new video is up #RiotSquadDriftTeam #Dadstuff

#GranTurismo is becoming far too realistic for nay Sayers to refute. Simulators are so much more useful than I could have ever imagined when I first grabbed a hold of #GranTurismos first offering.

@s2klean snagged a picture of this daily driver going to get abused madly. This car just clipped 60k miles on the drive up to thunderhill, my wife drove the car packed with snacks and coolers full of water with my daughter and my son contained inside. But when the car got to the track, I BEAT the snot out of it! Such a strange feeling trying to brake deep in breaking zones and these big heavy silly ass wheels are extremely hard to slow down. This car surprisingly handled VERY well on the 19's and large camber alignment, but the only downfall is aggressive braking with this much rotational weight. After I was done ripping out fender liners on the track, we loaded it back up and drove it back home... that's the real life of this daily driver. #Riotsquaddriftteam #vskf #mazdausa #rx8 #se3p #thunderhill #SuperDUSA #superd

If at any time I could add two purpose built non streetable cars to my garage... Yup ✌🏾❌'s

The dude in the IS300 was gripping and I instantly got out of drift mode and was like "oh!! I want to grip..." so I turned my drift car into a time attack car. You can look at this in one of two ways, this shows how much grip drift cars actually have and this shows that drift drivers know where grip can be found and they use it. -4.6 degrees of front camber 0 Toe and -0.8 degrees of rear camber with 0 toe no sway bars and a lot of power. #SuperDparty Vlog coming. All action not much talking. P.s. I got black flagged because my windows weren't all the way down. #superdusa #superd #riotsquadgripteam #riotsquaddriftteam

My lil man helping me set my toe. #SuperD #Prep True story: my son was out with my wife today, some lady asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. His response was, a welder and fabricator. She asked him why, his response was, "I help my dad with his race cars and I want to be able to fix and make parts for him". I never knew that, maybe he knows how badly I need available local welding talent #prouddadmoment #RiotSquadDriftTeam #perfectloop #familyaffair

There's only a few days left until #superd party4 we're gonna be there doin shit like this #smoothcriminal shit and if you're not there... you'll have no clue how we did it and you'll be looking at pictures next week like #haterswillsayitsphotoshop you better get your spot or atleast be there. #superd #superdparty4

Idol... one day, I will get a FD just so I can mimic this picture. Maybe I can have a legacy like Taniguchi one day too. @superstreet #schassis #idolized #since2001

I don't see nor hear of None of that malarkey y'all talmbout from right here. Matter of fact, I don't hear too much of nothing over that #HKS #50mm wastegate. Dumping lazers on the pavement.

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