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Lex King  Strategist. mastermind. one man army or a valuable team member. I post more videos than pics Sytfu 👇🏾Riotsquad Drift Team 🇺🇸🇯🇵⚒👇🏾

This car is slowly turning into a villainess old lady @kingofswing_hoonigan stays dangerous.

Vlog up for the @ssi_racing_team #simracing #timeattack event with my @riotsquaddriftteam @tandemnation team mate. We didn’t know what to expect and just hoped we would atleast get a time on the board. But after this experience, we are hooked, we want more! See what happened in the Vlog found at the link in the bio. Or click link right here 👉🏾 https://youtu.be/rEE_Vnmi5jU 👈🏾

Bout to game for a few minutes. If you’re down, I’m streaming. You know where to find it.

📹by @rb_photos_90 he didn’t see me wave, because stickers. But check out the new Vlog to see if the car is ready for #superdusa matsuri

Listen to that throttle control.
#riotsquaddriftteam #hotlinegarage
#layednotspray #prostylewraps

New Vlog is live, @sonoma_drift season opener on turn 11. Check it out, link in bio and 👉🏾 https://youtu.be/N0untgb2Y_I 👈🏾

This was one of the best surprises I could have had at the track. My buddy @pacman_ls1 showed up to the track to hang. I’ve known this guy ages and he just pointed out that he hasn’t been in my car in 17 years. That’s mind boggling, as car guys that is.

New Vlog is up. Link is in bio, or found here 👉🏾 https://youtu.be/qwMUiqj7ibs 👈🏾 Refreshing some bits so I’m not running around doing cool things in a raggedy car.

Fc’s ❤️ 86 frennzz where’s the Rollaz at? I saw a few at Sonoma this week, we need more.

Them #S4 #LED TailLights tho. @visualsofkings

Ford Roush Falken livery on GtSport keywords in search #jtp #Roush #Falken find it and slide it.

Ok, mini Rant time. #Tl;DR.

So I have been asked, “why did you choose black, it’s so hard to photograph...” My response... “if the photographer wants to capture it, they will. I’m not pressed about media, I’m here to drive.” Many times they say that the black is just so hard to capture. As I do agree and am aware of, my thoughts are simply this... if they’re creative enough to catch a good shot they will... In comes @visualsofkings
I come out randomly, sometimes, sporadically. This photographer was in position, has an amazing background and focused up beautifully. I love when a photographer uses his knowledge of his equipment and surroundings to gather a dark ass car in fading light coming at him from a 3rd gear dig. Kudos to you sir. These are phenomenal.

I can’t explain to you guys how excited I am to see this car in these colors. For y’all that DONT know, go look back at formula D 2011. When I was first shown this, I almost shouted with excitement. I’m proud of my brother and the work he has done, I’m so glad he finally is getting to show his personality and his value that a lot of people, (atleast I think) over look or ignore. Huge respect and I can’t wait to be glued to the drift stream cheering you on my brother. #falkentire #falkenpride #roushdrift #s550 #scallops #mustang #crowdcontrol

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