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I've been experimenting with electronic music lately, like tying to make it, also got called #skaterfag cruising past a #Hooters restaurant the other day. Anywho, the volume might be high but so might I and all the sports bros can collectively suck one ( although I think they'd like to but maybe are having a hard time admitting it) but whatevs, hope you... mmm actually don't really care if you like. I'm kinda pumped tho. Shout to @spookydad @zachthings, @4giato, and everyone else whom I've ever skated with and one for all the bros out there that just don't knows #skateboardingsavesmetwice #justforthefunofit

Do I always try to do everything myself?🤔🎛🔨🚽 #selfielove #thebiggestlewzer #masterofnone

I got fucked up lookin hands...and no mo moustache:/

Afternoon hangouts with this cutie 💕

Mature af

It's all about the bubbles in the crust #pizzagame #bakednotbought #istnotdelicio

Poire, noyer noir et du chèvre. #gettinbaked

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