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Lewis Mocker  I do IG stories to help you empower your life Bulk highlights below 🔥

Over 500 people have now been through my 7 day purpose process… and I have enough certainty in it now to GUARANTEE a result on every purchase that is completed thoroughly.⁣

So if you’ve caught yourself asking, “What the F*!# am I doing with my life?“… start here first.⁣

Covering up a lack of direction with more money, drugs, sex, fame, shopping, external success and new business ventures will not deliver the lasting fulfilment you want and deserve.⁣

My strategy for you:⁣

1. Find the purpose, the calling, the mission, the north star.⁣

2. Establish needs and build an inspired business in and around your niche.⁣

3. Use my timeless investment strategy to create generational wealth.⁣

4. Live like royalty by wisely structuring your unrestricted dream lifestyle.⁣

The challenges you’ll face:⁣

1. Not honouring your calling. Wanting to please and appease authorities and traditions rather than listen to the voice within.⁣

2. Not acting on it due to fear (dw, I have a fear process to dissolve this).⁣

3. Not starting, because you don’t think you’re worth it.

What you say to yourself becomes your reality.

Here’s my top 3 wealth affirmations:

1. I’m a deca-millionaire in command of a vast fortune.

2. Wealth flows to me easily and effortlessly as a result of my inspired service to humanity.

3. My business is growing, expanding and thriving.

Say these morning, noon and night until they become part of your natural daily vocab, thoughts, beliefs and results.

How to make $100k in 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Stop doing $15 per hour house chores.

Step 2. Put all your energy into building a scalable & duplicatable system of delivering a product that solves a problem.

Step 3. Sell the product. - If your product solves a $100 problem, you’ll need to to sell it 1,000 times. - If your product solves a $1,000 problem, you’ll need to to sell it 100 times. - If your product solves a $10,000 problem, you’ll need to to sell it 10 times.

The best thing you can do for your loved ones is to lead by example and fulfil your life as much as possible.⁣

“I’ve got to do XYZ for my kids”⁣

“I can’t do ABC because of my wife”⁣

“I must complete WXY to make my parents proud”⁣


How about what you’d LOVE to do for YOURSELF?⁣

Even that sentence will be labelled “selfish” by the many.

But I’m not big on sacrificing my dreams for others... It creates unspoken guilt, casts unspoken expectation, and builds a wishy washy life of uninspired subordination.⁣

When you stand up for yourself and pursue what you love no matter what anyone else says - you become the leader, the hero and the role model.⁣

Let them do them, allow yourself to do you.⁣

Your job is you! 🙏❤️

Ho ho ho in the breakfast chariot 🏁🚗🎅

There are 17 variables that determine your trajectory to financial independence... ONE of them reigns supreme in shortening the journey... 😍💵 #income #business #entrepreneur

Many people are taught to feel guilty for things they love…⁣

Sex, power, money, success, winning, being MORE, being the BEST…⁣

Some parents even teach their kids that these things are “not okay”…⁣

So it’s common in our society to use guilt as a balancing mechanism for doing something YOU actually want to do… “I’ll do it, but then I’ll cook up some guilt, and that will some how clear me of my sinful actions”.⁣

I know fuckers who feel so guilty about making money that they MAKE SURE they stay in a job they hate.⁣

“As long as I’m busting my ass and sacrificing my fulfilment, then I’ll feel worthy of this pay check”.⁣

But the idea of making a million a year from doing something they LOVE doing, doesn’t even register as an option for these people. It doesn’t seem “fair” that you can have your cake and eat it too…⁣

Well, you CAN have your cake, and you can choose the flavour, and the toppings, and the sides, and you can have it delivered on a silver tray, with a fucking foot massage, and you can eat the whole thing, where ever you want, when ever you want, with who ever you want, and you can do it every day if you want…⁣

And hey, you’ll probably stimulate the economy, inspire others and create employment opportunities as a side effect.⁣

#domore #bemore #havemore

Hello, welcome to my first IG TV video... I plan on delivering stupid levels of value on this platform. Enjoy.

Eyeing off our next home in the background. If you could live anywhere on earth, where would it be 👇👇👇

When I teach esoteric wealth, I encourage my students to acknowledge their triune nature.⁣

The truth is, you are 3 in 1: Body, mind and soul.⁣

The masses, living for immediate gratifications, exhaust the entirety of their wealth energy on survival and pleasure for the body. Food, shelter, clothing, traditions and entertainment.⁣

The masters, who think in timeframes beyond their own life, allocate wealth to an immortal cause, a family dynasty, an inspired legacy.⁣

I literally have an account called my “Soul” account, which accumulates and invests wealth that will outlive me on planet earth - I suggest you consider this too.

Start by allocating a small amount, say 10%, and then every 3 months ramp it up to your new border of discomfort.⁣

Each quarter, a lessening percentage of your income is allocated to your animal nature, and an increasing percentage to your angelic nature. ⁣

At the tipping point of 50%, you cross a threshold from surviving to thriving, and you set yourself up for an inspired life.

As some of you saw, I recently posted the TOP 5 THINGS I did in my 20’s that contributed to my fulfilment and success.⁣

I mentioned I would also make a post about the 5 things I DIDN’T do so well…⁣

Here they are! ⁣

Note: I’ve also included “the benefit” of them to neutralise shame and guilt. Remember, benefits and drawbacks are conserved through time and space, and you don’t move a muscle without a motive. For every “destructive” or “negative” habit you think you have, there’s also an unconscious motive or benefit in play. ⁣

By balancing benefits and drawbacks of your actions, you increase your own self worth and unlock more clues to what’s truly important to you deep inside.⁣

1. I didn’t look after my body and health as well as I could have. Primarily, the pinots 🥂⁣

The benefit was that I had a damn good time.⁣

2. I sacrificed my feeling of achievement by unfavourably comparing myself to others too often.⁣

The benefit was that it pushed me to strive for more, rather than falling into complacency.⁣

3. I took too long to end relationships that were no longer serving me.⁣

The benefit was that I developed more personal power and self worth by accruing resentment from being too giving in relationships I was infatuated by. ⁣

4. My communication, replies, return calls were mostly non-existent, alienating some people. ⁣

The benefit was that I filtered out needy fuckers and established a greater respect for my time and attention. ⁣

5. I have moved slower than I originally planned for in business & finance. I’m still a long way from my $100M goal. ⁣

The benefit was that I’ve built on solid foundations that are going to stand the test of time. The next decade is about scale.⁣

So now a challenge for you guys…⁣ Make 2 posts like this, 5 things you’ve done well in the last decade and 5 things you haven’t done so well in the last decade. 
Tag me in, I’d love to see! ❤️

The “2 Year Self Apprenticeship” model will blow the shit out of a redundant ass, ancient ass, broke ass college degree.⁣

Here’s how to do it:⁣

1. Hold your cash tight and don’t give it up to a college scam. If mum, dad, teacher, preacher has a problem with this - tell them to beat it back to 1980.⁣

2. If you REALLY want to be a doctor, lawyer, vet etc… and you’re inspired by that path - of course you can override step 1.⁣

3. Spend 4-8 hours a day for 2 years in home study… a niche that you love. Study the masters and innovators of that field. Follow people with the RESULTS you want and model them. Use books, courses, masterminds and mentorships to accelerate the learning curve.⁣

4. AS YOU’RE LEARNING, start teaching what you’ve just learned in your own words and with your own spin. Teaching aids learning… and teaching is also a form of service. Offer this free service DAILY on your social media until you’re confident enough to start charging. First target: 1,000 pieces of content and 10,000 fans.⁣

5. Put LOVE into your teachings. If you love your niche, this will be automatic. People are inspired by people who are inspired.⁣

6. Ask your people what high level product, service, problem solving or goal assistance they want, and even what they’d be willing to pay for.⁣

7. Build it for them.

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