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Lewis Hamilton  🌱 Based Diet. Love Animals. Constantly searching for my purpose, for adventure, open-mindedness and positivity 🙏🏾 Spread LOVE and God above all🙌🏾

To the fans, your energy, support and dedication has always been with me every step of the way. We embraced each challenge we faced together and we now stand as 5-time World Champions 🏆. #TeamLH, thank you 🙏🏾❤️ Here’s to next year! 🙌🏾 #onelove #stillwerise 🎵 @spinzbeatsinc

We all have a voice, I have this platform and so to not use it correctly would be wrong of me. Nobody is perfect, I certainly am not but this is actually happening everyday to so many animals worldwide. This is why I have decided to go to a vegan plant based diet, been over a year now. Yes it’s hard, nothings ever easy but I’ve felt the best I’ve ever felt for the past year. #chooselove #govegan

No matter what, loyal Til the day they die. Animals possess values of which very few humans do. We turn a blind eye to the pain and torture we put animals through. Every piece of meat, chicken or fish you eat, every bit of leather or fur you wear, has come from an animal that has been tortured, pulled away from their families and brutally killed. We all have choices to make and if you are ok with it then that’s you but I choose to love, to be conscious of what I’m supporting and I refuse to support the companies that buy from those companies killing and torturing animals. #chooselove #loyalty

My dogs are so funny, this was their costume for Halloween which didn’t seem to fit Coco bless her. @roscoelovescoco ❤️🤣

Positivity can take you far. Never give up 🙏🏾 #tbt

I’ve experienced many beautiful countries and cultures this year. Let me know the places you’ve been to! 🌎 #travel #tommyxlewis

Sights on 2019… 💪🏾 #24Seven @pumaperformance

How’s my lean? 🏍🔥

Sick couple of days in Jerez 🏍💨🔥@michaelvdmark @alexlowes22 @patayamahawsb @monsterenergy

Still I Rise - What will it take for you to Rise up? How much s#%! are you willing to take? How deep are you willing to dig? The mind is the most powerful tool you have, sharpen it. Knowledge is power! And positivity, talk it into existence!! That’s what I ask and tell myself every single day! It’s worked for me, maybe you can use it too or use your own words. #teamlh #work #nevergiveup #youcan 👊🏾

In the moments building up to each race this year I listened to my favourite tracks to help me focus for the challenges ahead. These @bose #SoundSport Free headphones are 🔥. What helps you to focus? #TeamBose

When your friend has your back… 😟😖😂💦(Tag someone who would do this to you 🤣) #repost @kingbach