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Lewis Eaton  Born in Old England Residing in New England

Without this human in my life I wouldn't have been able to step back and learn to just breath !! Thank you for everything, always blows my mind to think how much better my life has been this past year with you by my side !! I love you Rowan !! #okayendsappypost

Naked mole rats live in the horn of Africa and are native to Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya


530lbs Squat @ i jumped from 485 idk why

315lbs bench @ trash

610lbs deadlift @ why am I still lifting
Give me sawce


Barbed wire was invented in 1845 and was largely responsible for putting cowboys out of business since it provided cheap and easy fencing


5 x 3 @ 420 RpE oMgFuKenBlAzEiT

Trying hard to make my pauses longer and still failing all the fucking time

Former FBI Special Agent Robert K. Ressler (1937–2013) is the man credited with coining the term “serial killer” in 1971.


Singles up to and ez 505lbs @ RPE mymotivationlacksbutmybloodlustneedstobequelled

The first steam-powered machine was built in 1698 by the English military engineer Thomas Savery (c. 1650–1715). His invention, designed to pump water out of coal mines, was known as the Miner's Friend.


Really fatigued but it grind

4x3 @ 525 RPE thisbarliterallymademewanttoshitmyselfandimsuper fatigues

The word pornography, derived from the Greek porni (“prostitute”) and graphein (“to write”), was originally defined as any work of art or literature depicting the life of prostitutes.


4x4 @ 445 RPE howamimeanttopullasingleover600everagain

@joyce.lifts for the fact ksick

In 1970, when a three-year-old boy, who had wandered away from his parents, fell into Seattle’s Green Lake. Ted Bundy reportedly quickly jumped into the water and rescued the child.


6 x 3 @ 460 RPE lowerbackpumpandpinchednerveintrapskeepmeawakeatnight

Most candy canes are around five inches long, containing only about 50 caloriesand no fat or cholesterol.


Deadlifts feeling trash for the 5th week in a row 🙌🙌 6x3 @ 510 RPE how did I ever deadlift ~120lbs more than this

The garbage disposal unit was invented in 1927 by John W. Hammes, an architect working in Racine, Wisconsin


5x4 @ 405 RPE thisosntusingstretchreflexfuckingdealwithitpauses

It takes 21 pints of milk to make a pound of butter.


6 x 3 at 450lbs
Pretty significant volume PR set 4 was pain free

In Germany, there are 42 recognized bratwurst varieties, most distinguished by their size and the spices used to flavor them. There is even a bratwurst museum in the village of Holzhausen.


Bench moving slowly but so much chest volume is killing me
7x3 @ 260 RPE ithinkidid8

Dentists have recommended that a toothbrush be kept at least 6 feet (2 m) away from a toilet to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush.


I made a belly top and my arse looks phenomenal
Also figured how to squat after banishing sumo deads

6x3 @ 430 RPE wobbly bar and too high rack

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