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Levo  The latest on #Levo - ⠀ How Long Do I Wait To Reach Out After an Interview?👇


This week's #AskAHiringExpert is a crucial #jobhunt tip for anyone seeking an amazing job.👀⠀

Q: I had a great interview, but I haven’t heard anything for two months now. They said to hold tight, but how long should I wait before I reach out?⠀

Find out the answer by clicking the link in our bio 👍🏾⠀

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@AlexandraCelia shares how she decided to go full force into her photography business after "the full-time life"⠀

Q: Tell us more about this leap of faith.⠀

A: "I truly believe if you give your business no other choice but to be successful, you, in turn, become successful. That was over two years ago. Now I’m full time, traveling, wedding photographer, shooting 20+ weddings a year."⠀

#QuitYourDayJob is a series where we talk to incredible people who have parted with their day jobs to branch out on their own and follow their passions. Read the rest ofour story by clicking the link in our bio! ⠀

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#Mindfulness Rundown! ⠀
@headspace ✔️⠀
@calm ✔️⠀
@insighttimer ✔️⠀
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Please dive into these amazing zen-inducing #meditation apps by reading the link in our bio! ⠀
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"I believe that EQ trumps IQ; we can train on the hard skills, but we can’t train the soft skills – I need to see those when I interview a candidate." 💯 - #JoyceRussell of @adeccousa

✨Got a question for Joyce? Email 📥 AskaHiringExpert@Levo.com or drop us a line via DM on Instagram✨⠀
⠀ ⠀
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A kind reminder for the times we live in now.
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Seeking Submissions 📥Share Your Story With #Levo ❤️⠀

#TheBossofMe is a new series where we quiz our lady-bosses on everything we always wanted to know about their careers (but were afraid to ask). Catch our first interview by clicking the link in our bio!

Do you have a boss you'd like to interview? 👀⠀

👉🏽Send us your Q&As to pitches@levo.com. 👈🏻⠀

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Mood. These past few weeks are real AF. 💔👀😐 How are you doing today? ✨

image and product credit - @tuesdaybassen

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From today's interview crucial article "Ask a Hiring Expert: How Do I Convince a Potential Employer I'm the Right Person For the Job?"⠀

QUESTION: "I really want to make a good impression at my next job interview. This is a position I've dreamed about for some time. How can I convince my potential employer I'm the right hire?"⠀

If you have a question? Email us at AskaHiringExpert@Levo.com

Check out our answer to this via the link in our bio. #interviews #interviewready #careergoals #workingwoman

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For #NationalBossesDay we're kicking off a new series called, The Boss of Me, a new series where we quiz our lady-bosses on everything we always wanted to know about their careers (but were afraid to ask). ⠀

✨Got a boss you'd like to interview? Ask them one question today and send your Q&As to pitches@levo.com. ✨⠀

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@LevoLeague is hosting a chat w/ licensed psychologist Dr. Lauren Hazzouri (@dr__lauren) from 1-2PM EST on Twitter about the effects of sexual harassment & how to support anyone that is affected by this. None of us are safe until all of us are. Please join us.⠀

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via This week's hot jobs post "Ask a Hiring Expert: How Should I Handle the Hardest Job Interview Question?"⠀

A candidate’s questions should always focus on how they can⠀
make an immediate impact on the organization. ⠀

This demonstrates interest and a desire to quickly contribute to the company. A few possible questions or responses might include:⠀

✔️1. What are your goals, and how does this position contribute⠀
to the strategy and exceeding the targets?⠀

✔️2. I am interested in hearing your view on the critical items⠀
that must be achieved in the first 90 days in this role.⠀

✔️3. In your opinion, what does success look like for this role?⠀

Got a question for @JoyceCRussell at @adeccousa ? Email us at AskaHiringExpert@Levo.com or drop us a line via our inbox with questions. ⠀

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⭐️Today, October 11th, marks Day of the Girl, a global campaign to empower, protect and celebrate the lives of girls.⭐️⠀

"You can’t forget your life is a part of something bigger, that you are only a piece of the puzzle, that the fight for equality has to be equality for all." - Mary Sauer author of our latest story, "A Letter To My Two Young Daughters on the Day of the Girl". Read the rest by clicking the link in our bio.⠀

#DayofTheGirl #WednesdayWisdom #WomenHelpingWomen #GirlsRunTheWorld

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