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From our new story on mental health and technology - ⠀

Apparently, iPhone users have been increasingly turning to Siri for psychological assistance—and Apple is no longer ignoring the importance of this.⠀

"Here’s the deal," says Hazzouri. "Therapy is not a series of Q&A. Therapy is not a yielding of advice. Therapy involves three things: The therapeutic alliance— the relationship between client and clinician, a thorough assessment and diagnosis, and treatment, which often includes the learning of psychology’s evidence-based strategies." - @dr__lauren

Read more on this and share widely here. Just copy and paste into your browser: https://buff.ly/2w94Gsc⠀

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Hey #NYC head over to @levo_nyc's profile for details on their next event. You'll be in a room full of amazing and likeminded go getters too!
*New Event* join us next Monday (9/25) as we host @clerenda.mcgrady who will take us through her "Expect to Win" workshop! Event details on link in bio. (P.S. Don't forget to RSVP as space is limited for this event) #levonyc #locallevo #levoleague

If you're at @harvardhbs for #techconference say hello to our founder @carolineghosn as she speaks on two amazing panels at 1PM and 4PM EST! And hello to Danielle @mattermark #levoboston #millienials #hbs #harvardbusiness

Exactly! 👏💯 💪🏽⠀

@ReeseWitherspoon hit it on the head with this one! ⠀
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Via @thepaulaedgar "A month later, on September 10, my mother and I were catching up on the phone. I was 3,000 miles away again, and she had just arrived back home in New Jersey from a cruise with my dad celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.⠀

We picked up our conversation about the lousy relationship I was too prideful to end. Her final words to me were, “If you don’t love him, don’t marry him.” I didn’t think too much of it. We’d talk tomorrow.⠀

But then it was September 11, 2001, and my mother was dead.⠀

Her name was Joan Donna Griffith — or “Donna” to family and friends. An assistant vice president and office manager at Fiduciary Trust, she worked on the 97th floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center."⠀

Please read our full story on #Levo https://buff.ly/2jkGv8v Special thanks to @jopwell for this amazing story ⠀
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Happy Birthday 🎂 #RubyBridges your bravery made a much-needed impact! ⠀

"Don't follow the path. Go where there is no path and begin the trail. When you start a new trail equipped with courage, strength, and conviction, the only thing that can stop you is you!"⠀

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😸Quit Your Day Job: How I Turned a $2k-a-Month Side Hustle into a Career as an 'Adulting Coach'😉⠀

"[One day] I told my manager I was considering leaving and [within] a few hours I was logging out of my company computer, signing paperwork, and leaving with a lump sum of money I hoped would help me get by until I figured everything out. I didn't give myself a second to worry about money or rent. I started putting my intentions into the universe [with] pen and paper and told my friends I wanted someone to take over my lease so I could travel. In [a] two week span, I found someone to take over my lease and a client that paid me a minimum of $2k a month and the rest is history."⠀

Find out how @destinylalane lives #freelancelife on #Levo. Her interview with Ludmila Leiva might steer you into the big, wild world of freelancing ❤️

📚We all have one. That book with the dog-eared pages and bruised covers that mark the moment when our thinking shifted and a whole new world of possibilities opened up. Maybe you read it 2 weeks ago, or 25 years ago—but something happened by the time you finished it, and nothing would ever be the same. It's that book, the one that changed your life. 📚⠀

⭐️We shared a few of our favorites from @joycecaroloates #tonimorrison @therealkiyosaki @cherylstrayed @michaelellsberg #curtissittenfeld

Please add yours in the comments!⭐️⠀

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artwork via @CathrineLuzette and her amazing comic series on #FreelanceLife

1. Your parents think you’re out of your mind. 😣⠀
2. Your friends assume you wear your pajamas all day. 😴⠀
3. …and that you live paycheck to paycheck. 💰⠀
4. You have to deal with clients who don’t pay on time. 😡⠀
5. Your friends also assume you do yoga for three hours daily, in the middle of the day. ✨⠀
6. Your taxes are scary.⠀
7. A coffee shop will become your second home. 🏠⠀
8. It can be a little lonely. 😐⠀
9. You are your own boss. 💪🏽⠀

Did we miss anything?⠀

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🌟Shine bright @fromannettewithlove creator of @fatgirlstraveling 🌟⠀

👏🏾"To be completely honest, I wanted that shock factor. I call myself fat and in the Plus-Size Fashion Blogosphere referring to yourself as Fat and using the hashtag #Fatshion is very common. I consider myself a travel, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. My background is in fashion, so I wanted to merge the worlds.⠀

I also want to help take the stigma out of the word fat. Sometimes when I tell people about FGT they’ll try to correct me and tell me, “You’re not fat, you’re thick!” or “You’re not fat, you’re curvy!” To me, thick, curvy, plus size, fat — it all means the same thing."💅🏾⠀

Dive into her featured journey today on #Levo
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