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Levi Siver  John 17:3 🌊 Professional Windsurfer / Founder of Maui Experience Camp / Film producer 🎬

Shaping workshops with @ktsurfing is an essential at 🌊☀️🎥🍿@Maui_experience_camps
Knowing your gear is the first big step towards performance. #2019
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@maui_experience_camps Spring/Training April 29th-May 6th. Third Annual kick off 🤙
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Time to get those turns wired. Spring training dates are confirmed April 29-May 6.
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Fun little session that was hidden on my computer. #djangoreinhardt 🎥 @giora_koren
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I love this shot and style.
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You want a rush? Try riding in one of these in gale force winds over ice. World record held since 1938 at 143 mph at Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin. This boat here is 100 years old and still rips.

The Aloha classic is happening soon. As the sport gathers together to celebrate and define wave sailing’s present state as well as its future a lingering question continues to come up a lot during events. What is wave sailing? It’s pretty obvious that tricks have become the deal closer in most heats. Top to bottom rail to rail wave sailing is what got me into the sport and its a wonder if we’re losing an element of that?
There’s no question the full package is the best but what is the value of a full rail turn? Should it be valued as high as a goiter or 360? Regardless we’re gonna see some on the edge riding but it’s up to the riders and organizers to define where we want the sport to go. 📸 @amorphia @internationalwindsurfingtour @pwaworldtour

Pure trouble

Another day in paradise where the days breeze by as gentle reminder that life’s measured in these seasons that round their circuits way too fast. Maui’s the place you wish days last forever. 📸 @amorphia

Our third annual spring training camp is on. We’re gonna have a ridiculous amount of fun like always! @marciliobrowne
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