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Leva.Zand  A traveler who got lost long time ago.

Lily Allen, Oakland #notmyphoto

Sometimes ago, Dakhabrakha in Berkeley. #notmyphoto

At Mayan Warrior Dance Party (#notmyphoto)

At Decemberist concert a few weeks ago. (#notmyphoto)

Life. (@ndmbdi this photo is for you.)

All we want is to create a sanctuary space for ourselves and our friends. It’s not an easy time for many of us. For the first time after moving to the States i have fear for my self and my loved ones. We all have trauma left from our own experience growing up and some stuff these days are dejavo! This house is a safe space for those who need it! We have three awesome kids to cheer you up and lick your tears and fears away. We dont ask, but you call tell if you want to share. We try to help or just listen. This house is sex positive and medication (!) friendly!
I dont wanna be dramatic about it, but i m scared. For real. We all need a safe space these days. We are try to create one for ourselves and our friends and community. I think we all should do. (And please vote!)

Happy 5th birthday to this handsome fella! I can’t remember how trouble-less life was before you mamman jaan! 🐶🎈🎂

A yellow summer?

شاه‌پسر داریم دوماد
قند و عسل داریم عروس...

Spring Sentimentalism (3)

Spring Sentimentalism (2)

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