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Leva.Zand  A traveler who got lost long time ago.


Happy birthday to this fighter. To many more years full of laughter, cakes and substances! Love you zan! @eshaparak

معشوق من
همچون خداوندي در معبد نپال
گويي از ابتداي وجودش
بيگانه بوده است
مرديست از قرون گذشته
يادآور اصالت زيبايي "

معشوق من، زيباترين مرد جهان است.

Thank you dogs! Thank you!

This is my dear friend Maryam. She is a scientist. She is spending her long weekend in a beam-time (and she could easily have a 9 to 5, M- F job). I m reposting her post because as a society we all forget about one simple fact that we are here, having this live, because of Maryam and people like her who spend their lives in beam-times and labs (and many harsh locations all over the world). We as a society never appreciate scientists nor celebrate them, specially when they are women. If you are a parent, remember scientists are the only, and only, chance we have to save mother earth, our beautiful planet! With the speed we and our stupid politicians go, they are, your kids and future scientists, are the only chance. Talk to them. Introduce them to your scientists friends. Ask these scientists to mentor your kids, be friend with them, take then to the labs and work places. Let your kids know how important the science is. Show little girls that people like Maryam scarifies their weekend to find a better, cleaner energy for our future. Let them know how badass female scientists are and they could be too!
PS: It doesnt mean we dont need social scientists and humanitarians!

Run! Man's Child
July 24th, 8 PM
African American Art & Culture Complex. (762 Fulton)
With @negarestoon @baronintrees @khaateromatic

اگه در منطقه خليج و حومه هستيد، اين اجراي نمايش Run, Man's Child رو از دست نديد. امشب اجراي دوم و آخرش هست. به شدت توصيه ميكنم، نه به خاطر اينكه دوستام اجرا ميكنن، بلكه چون متن و اجرا خيلي خوبه.

They are here! #burningman2017

دوباره تابستون شد و ما مجبوريم بخاريهامونو روشن كنيم. خونه ما بالاي تپه است و سه ماه تابستون هر روز تقريبا ما از پنج عصر تو مه ايم تا صبح فرداش. مه سرد و نمناك. اون سراب كاليفرنيا كه ما گولشو خورديم، مال جنوبه نه اين بالا.

What a game! We crashed Spurs with 25-point comeback! The 3rd largest half time comeback in NBA postseason history! #dubnation💙💛 #warriors #nbafinals

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