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Can you feel the shivers down your spine despite the heat? It’s the Game of Thrones fever! 📺 We can’t wait to see your GOT designs in your #Leuchtturm1917! Whether you’re wise as a Stark 🐺 or bold as a Lannister 🦁, spread your style onto your favourite bullet journal and warm up before the longest winter in Westeros ❄Who's looking forward to the weekend for the new episode? Awesome sketch @ida.plans!

15\3000 species of cactus beautifully depicted by @alexkipnis in her #Leuchtturm1917! 🌵 These cute thorny plants are ideal if you don’t exactly have a green thumb 👍😅 We love how all the different shades of green blend in 😍 #lifeiscolour

Wishing you all a happy Tuesday with this splendid layout by @lacqueredworld! 🌸💐Did you know that cherry blossoms can be also used to make sweets and tea? 🙊 A little trip to Japan is definitely needed! #lifeiscolour #Leuchtturm1917

In case someone forgot… 😉✨Thanks for the heads-up @bujojane! Don’t we all “sparkle” sometimes? 😂 What’s your monthly motto? Don’t forget to write it down on your #Leuchtturm1917!

Isn’t this books and movies tracker just brilliant? 😍📚🎞 Great idea @oixxo! What’s new on your #Leuchtturm1917? Free your creativity and show us your planners #bujo lovers!

A refreshing frozen yoghurt with berries is what we all need to keep us going during these roasting days 🍨🍓 We’d love to try your homemade ice cream @bortik192! Unreal drawing 🙌 Show us your favourite summer treats in your #Leuchtturm1917!

You don’t always need a complicated combination of colours to create an impressive design! We adore this trippy drawing of dogs and cats by @justzhm 🐶🐱 Creativity can be expressed in infinite different ways and we cannot wait to see your favourite sketches in your #Leuchtturm1917! Keep it up #bujo lovers ❤️

Eggs, tomatoes, sausages, mushrooms, beans… no, nothing is missing! @alena____k has drawn the perfect breakfast in her #Leuchtturm1917 🍳🍄The colours are so bright and realistic we can almost smell this delicious dish 😍 #lifeiscolour

Netflix, books and a #Leuchtturm1917: three of our favourite things all in the same picture! A TV-series tracker is what we all need to keep up with our favourite shows this summer 📺 What’s new on your list? 😄 photo by @booknerd_reads 💖

We LOVE this Paramore portrait by @timeturned in her #Leuchtturm1917! What’s your favourite tune from their new album? 💿Show us your drawings of your favourite bands, and don’t forget to add some colour 🎨 #lifeiscolour

Saving up is not the easiest thing to do, but it might help you afford that plane ticket you’ve always wished for ✈ … Or an extra #Leuchtturm1917 😉 A money-saving tracker like this one by @lettersbycarolina might help as well 💸💸Good luck!

Mandalas symbolise harmony, wholeness and the perfect union of the Self with the entire Universe 🌏 Apparently drawing and decorating a mandala is a way to gain a special insight into our lives and unconscious. We love this colorful mood mandala designed by @bujo.lucy in her #Leuchtturm1917! Happy meditation everyone 🎨🙏 #lifeiscolour

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