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Our Angel 😇 Spent this morning with Grams. This is my mom’s mother. She is 82, had 6 children - 3 of which died before her, and one was right in front of her. She was raised Adventist and believes that everyone deserves Love and to make their own decisions. She didn’t tell me this today, this is something she has lived by. You want to go get smashed and dance around in the street naked - “ok, Honey.” Her whole life. Not one mean bone. Today we talked about #Death instead. I asked her how she’s feeling about it lately (as her mind is getting a little weary and shutting down on her) She said “I think about it every night before I go to bed. about the family here, and the family gone.” — I wish we would all choose to live this way a little more often. Love you guys! ♥️🌐🍃

The time to A C T is now. Imagine for a moment if you were told that most of the aforementioned #diseases, as well as many others #illnesses, could simply be avoided with the help of the right #diet and #lifestyle, and thus allow your #children to have a much better quality of life... #Humanity is sick and has been for a long while. Back to #basics. Dig a little deeper, care a little more. #VeganStrong #KidsHealth #HealthyKids #VeganBaby #VegansOfIG #GreenSmoothie #SickBaby #ImmuneSupport over #MaskingSymptoms #CultivateBliss 💋🌐🍃

Did you trip, and stumble and wonder how you landed on this page?! Let me give ya a run down. For almost a decade now I have been building Lettucebreath LLC. as a brand. Yet because research has lead me far off of the beaten path (as well as lack of resources).... I have failed launching a business many times. I am not one to search Google, and say ‘There are so many opinions, you can’t trust anything.’ Nor one to hop on a trend. What I AM, is the person who will stay up until 2am until I get to the bottom of it, or even 2 weeks. I choose knowledge over brunch. I always say ‘WE CAN TELL THE TRUTH BY THE WAY IT FEELS.’ Really it boils down to the science of it all, and facing the broken systems, so many still blindly believe, and put their faith in. Educating you all on the removal of fluoride in your drinking water is a start.💧

#fluorideispoison #fluoride #consciousnessrising #VeganShmegan #FlourideFree #ColgateSmile #FluorideFreeWater #CrestWhite #PinealCalcification

Were we all the kids secretly trying to figure out what our presents were ?! 🎅🏾🎁🎉


#NEWMOM ‘s !! Get yourself some home workout equipment. You are much more likely to get your blood pumping if you have a yoga mat, bands, a jump rope or weights around. Parenthood duties generally call first, build the habit at home by simply keeping in the open eyes of your home. 2 minutes is enough to get the condition of exercise back in motion. Get after it this week! 💋🌐🍃 #TeachThemYoung #VeganStrong #MomsWhoLiftForFun

Treading the fine line of C O N S C I O U S parenting. Fully present, fully attuned, but knowing when our ego is at play. To the awakened parent, the child becomes the teacher. You tune into them. Every moment matters so that we do not inflict our shadows upon our children. Great listen this morning by #drshefali 💋🌐🍃 #CultivateBliss #ConsciousParenting #MotherHoodRising #Motherhoodgang #ConsciousnessRising #newparents #holisticparenting

Do not disregard P E O P L E simply because they L O V E differently than you do. We all have our very own love language. Life is a self revelation. That requires intimacy amongst our relationships. But far too often we spend time trying to hide our true selves. This is where we encounter the great paradox that surrounds our struggle for closeness. We yearn for intimacy, but we avoid it. Intimacy is not purely physical. The entire human experience is a quest for harmony amid opposing forces.. Our quest for bonding is no different. Being intimate requires sharing the secrets of our, hearts, mind, and soul with another fragile imperfect human being. What inspires us. What drives us. What eats us. And not all about us will be reciprocated lightly. Yet responsible for the energy we bring to each space.... What are we running from ....What self destructive enemies lie within.. And what wild and wonderful dreams do we hold in our heart..... Dig a little deeper, care a little more. 💋🌐🍃 #CultivateBliss

Party planning is no joke!! Such a fun group last night. We did a ‘No Bake’ Raw Vegan base for a cookie, made up by moi. #Voile’ 💋🌐🍃 Thank you to everyone who came! Santa is sick of being Fat and Tired too 🤜🏽🎅🏾🥴😆 #VeganCookiesForSanta this year. Recipe coming soon! #VeganStrong #VeganChristmas #VegansDoItBetter

#Vibes 💋🌐🍃

🍯🌱 V E G A N going on 6 years. Vegetarian 14 years ago. Went Veg at 16 working at a Quizno’s. How long have you been #VegLife ?? #VeganMom #VeganFitness #VeganStrong #VegansOfIG #VeganForLife

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