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God Of The Skies ⚔️  extreme sports athlete I live in a world, beyond your world 👁‍🗨 . . . @weedmaps @unnaturals_labs @sculptedathletics ▪️code: Joe

I’ll bring you back to life and keep you right by my side 🗡

we’re all just a bunch of fuck ups trying to fuck up less than others, while we judge others for fucking up more than ourselves 👁‍🗨

Sci-Fi : in the system 💠

fuck how ya feel 👹

“If you don’t have a vision of where you’re going, if you don’t have a goal of where to go. You drift around and never go anywhere” @schwarzenegger

two bros chasing aesthetics 🐲

been studying a lot about the fermi paradox, parallel universes, simulated realities, dmt affects, sleep deprivation manipulating sleeping patterns. I’ve been looking at also getting into more technical fields of work.
Awhile back I turned down a job opportunity in Silicon Valley for computer science, but I’m definitely reconsidering getting this job or similar job for the next year.
I was too content with being lazy and living the life I had, not wanting to sacrifice some things I enjoy/ leaving my comfort zone.
Also here’s a flame thrower. 👁‍🗨

I’ve been taking a break from the gym for a bit, need time to catch up on life. I wasn’t focused nor really putting my 100% effort into the gym these last few months because of shit going on. I was just content with lifting occasionally and eating like shit almost everyday. Gotta refocus 👹⚔️

Something I’ve learned about being depressed, is that feelings are interchangeable. Which is why I often never let it always affect me too much. But lately, I’m just starting to go back to my old ways and not caring about anything anymore. That’s probably what sucks the most, when you take 2 steps forward and 20 back in a that same day because I don’t mean to.
The real reason I’ve been doing life threatening sports/ activities is because I don’t fear death. It’s not because I care about who follows me or likes my mediocre pictures. I love it. When I’m doing something most people can’t do or are too scared, it’s so calming to be so close to death. But I know the consequences that comes with me doing these activities. And if that’s how I happen to go, I’ll be happy.

“I like who I am when I smoke, I don’t like who I am without weed” - @miketyson ————-
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There’s no real purpose for any of us being alive.
We go to school half our lives to learn about things that, at the end of day don’t really hold much value to our life. Although the information we learn is useful for pass time or work purposes while we’re alive. We gather all this information in school in hopes of getting a job that you enjoy enough to spend half your life time working at to survive. It’s a pretty mundane routine through out your life. That life doesn’t appeal to me, it’s boring as fuck. I think life should be much more than that. I don’t want my life revolving about work, I don’t want my only “friends” I see everyday be at “work friends” that’s lame as fuck, I don’t want to be in some shitty building 8hrs everyday watching life pass me by. So, if I want to smoke weed everyday and hangout in a hot tub while you’re at work because it mellows me out and still be productive enough to survive and do what I’m supposed to then fuck it. If I want to walk on ledges, hang off rooftops and do crazy adventures creating amazing memories with my friends while you’re annoyed at your fat co worker telling you what to do all day, then fuck it. If I want to do steroids and workout because that’s what I enjoy while you’re on your 10th coffee struggling to be awake let alone you’re probably out of shape because you’re sitting at a desk and feel unmotivated to workout, then fuck it.
The sooner you realize our lives mean absolutely fucking nothing when we’re dead and accept your mortality, then you’re free. If I die today, tomorrow or next year I’ll die happy doing more fun shit than most even get to experience in their life time. It’s funny people judge others so much on how they chose to live their life but you take a look into their lives and they’re not really doing anything notable or worth while.

What does hell mean to you?

Hell isn’t so much the after life we all commonly think of. Mental battles can equally equate to hell it is always around us. It’s a draining energy that either you’re strong enough to over come through progressive time or it’ll take you down a deeper self destructive path.
Life gets easier when you realize half the shit you care about, doesn’t have much meaning behind it. The way you feel today, the way you feel in a week from now, month or year from now won’t be how you feel in 10 years from now. Half the people you let affect you physically or emotionally, won’t be around in a few years. Don’t let life affect you too much. I use to care about a lot of shit, now I don’t give it importance UNLESS it’s to my beneficial growth. Everyone you think is cool or happy, aren’t always happy. We’re all sad in some sort of way. The less you give importance to the negativity in your life, the happier you will be. As gay as it sounds, know your worth.
Life is pretty cool when you don’t give a fuck, and by giving a fuck I mean realizing what’s worth your energy and time. Think about that.

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