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I live a boring life

picture before I became a god.

anti social extrovert

I'm the only buff roof topper in the world.
photographer @doubleddanieldennis

"life is worth living, never forget that" @johnhicks -----------------
Dope edit from my brother @sublimenation
He has some of the best edits around, go check out his work.

I can hear the perkys calling.

Time is one of the most precious commodities in life.
And what we do with that time will determine your future. Wether your future is cut short or not. You have to not be complacent with your life and be do something positive. Not many people understand or appreciate how temporary our lives on earth truly is. It could all be over tonight or tomorrow. People are too caught up with materialistic things that won't mean anything once their lives are over. Learn to appreciate the little things in life.
photographer anonymous ----------------------
picture edited by @modestperspective
Thanks @sublimenation for the motivation to change my content

time is the most precious commodity.

push me to the ledge, all my friends are dead.

@wcspbrand has one of the best clothes around. RE-LA-X shirt available now, link in my bio.
photographer @doubleddanieldennis

I got dark, I got evil, that rot inside my DNA.
I got off, I got a troublesome heart inside my DNA - @kendricklamar
photographer anonymous

I own Dallas.
photographer anonymous

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