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Lifted 1998 Subaru OBS  β€’β€’Subaru Ambassador β€’β€’ To document my wagon build, adventures, and more β€’β€’

We're back.

These guys were great and super fast. New windshield looks great!

Work work work work

Throwback to that one time I had a car.

And so it begins.

We will rebuild #2k17 😭

Miss you 😭

Here's one more since my luck can't stop getting worse and the Ru will be MIA for a lot longer than I thought.

Still can't get over that crazy day. Bae is almost coming home!

We'll bring you back and make you better again. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Gotta give a huge thanks to this guy for coming out and spending three hours winching everyone out, including himself when it got messy. Thank you for everyone who helped get myself out also. Everyone had quite the day trying to get everyone out safely. Thanks everyone who came out! It was quite the day!

Seven hours, six stuck cars, one savior jeep, one dead clutch, and one blown head gasket. What. A. Day.

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