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Lifted 1998 Subaru OBS  β€’β€’Subaru Ambassador β€’β€’ To document my wagon build, adventures, and more β€’β€’ Chapter leader of Mtnroo_Sacramento and Mtnroo_Goldcountry

The subie looking all cute next to them sunflowers 🌻

Nice shot of the group and the subarus at the last minute meet last night. Thanks for coming out!

First time twinning with this OBS!

First #mtnroosacramento meet was a success!

Took the subaru out to Tahoe. Enjoying this beautiful water and getting away from that 100+ weather.

Who wants to rock these sandals this summer? Smack that like button and they can be yours!

I swear the saddest part about the Boca trip is that we didn't even notice that @ngk97 wasn't there for this picture because he was stranded way behind us πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ Also why was Bryan parked so far away from us?

The final moments when Boca halfway killed my car and the tow company thought, "what the heck why not finish her off?"

When real Bae is MIA I always have my backup. πŸ™Œ#lakenight?isthatathing?

Throwback to when Bae was a functional car and also not mine. Wouldn't have gotten a Subaru unless my brother sold it to me!

When you go a week without your car trying to kill you so you have to celebrate with a picture !

Proudly repping @mtn_roo everywhere that I go. 😎

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