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Lifted 1998 Subaru OBS  ••Subaru Ambassador •• To document my wagon build, adventures, and more ••

Sometimes I forget that my car used to be a car. Hecka throwback

When you fix Bae after she tries to kill you for the fourth time, and the clutch cable goes the next day. #nevergiveup

When you sink $800 into your car to recover her and she just wants to kill you.

Lake day with the Ru. Anyone have a Ru they're looking to lift?

Make sure you are extra safe and have a fire extinguisher within reach of your driver and passenger seat. Has multiple mounting points for different size brackets. Stays out of the way and there's the peace of mind knowing that it's there. Get one for your Subaru from @paranoidfabrications

New axles, tie rods, ball joints, and steering rack. After an alignment Bae will be in top top shape.

Love the transformation. On top of the things you can see we also did the clutch😭😭

Subaru will take you anywhere...Besides Boca......We don't mess with Boca.

Here's to hoping that @1unid gets his Baja back on the road soon after an engine failure. If you're interested in helping out feel free to DM me or him!

Who knows where to get a new fairing? 🙄

I don't always like bajas, but when I do, it's this one. Helped @1unid install his lightbar on his beast build!

Diggin the new lightbar placement. And finally a white hood! 😈

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