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This view never gets old.

Rise and Shine, OC! It's going to be super windy today and hot this week. Are you ready for these last few weeks before Halloween?

When in the area, must get my Soft-Shell-Crab-Burger fix @gleednb. It's down the street from Knotts on Beach Blvd and Ball. Yummy! 🦀+🍔 #gleednb #gleeburger #knottsberryfarm #gleedonutsandburgers #letsdineoc #burgertime #softshellcrabburger

Trick or Treating with friendly ghosts and townsfolk of Ghost Town be like...👻👻👻. (Weekends in October and Halloween Day @knottsberryfarm Spooky Farm). #knottsspookyfarm #knottsberryfarm #spookyfarm AD

Come on in! Stanley Scarecrow opened up his rustic barn so that you can check out his collection of Creepy Critters 🕷 of Calico. Anyone want to pet rats? 🐀 Not me, I'm good... Find them at the Livery Stable @knottsberryfarm daytime Spooky Farm! #knottsspookyfarm #knottsberryfarm #spookyfarm AD

I'm not scared. We're not scared. 😱 Spooky Farm @knottsberryfarm are weekends in October (9-5p) and Halloowen Day (10-530p). AD #knottsberryfarm #spookyfarm #knottsspookyfarm #visitbuenapark

Time for a quick selfie with @Cosmeticare Specialists - Tannaz & Rosie. Treating surgical scars today via #Vbeam and #ClearLift. It will reduce the redness and hyper-pigmentation of the scar. It is a quick procedure with no downtime, and I might need more than one treatment. Can't wait to see results! #cosmeticaremoms #cosmeticare #cosmeticaremedspa AD

It's a Spider 🕷 Invasion in our 3rd Grade class today! Kids made these cute crafts for a Halloween Project. I love them! 🕸 #instafun #halloweencraft

Dried Pomegranate Seeds On-The-Go! All-natural, no additives @JuicyGems. Enjoy them on a salad, in a dessert, in baked goods, in a cocktail, in trail mix, in cereal or yogurt, & on ice cream. PS They're a Sponsor @MomsMeet #WowSummit. AD #momsmeet

Sweet Potato & Pomegranate Toddler @babymummums come in convenient 2-Packs. They're organic, GF, Milk Free, Nut Free and Eggs Free. Other flavors available. They're also one of the sponsors at this year's @MomsMeet #WowSummit. AD #momsmeet

If you're stuck at home with nothing to do, Scott Lang in #AntManandTheWasp had some super fun "at home" tips that are not boring. Play finger drums, Indoor Bowling, sing karaoke, read a book, learn card tricks, build a fort, practice origami, shoot some hoops, take a bubble bath, and of course, watch #antmanandthewaspbluray! Make it a Movie-Night-In, the whole family will enjoy! AD

Get off the sidelines and join your kids on an epic family adventure! @KidsObstacleChallenge will be in Irvine / Orange County this Saturday and Sunday at Oak Canyon Park. Sign up today using promo code MUDDYKIDS20 to receive 20%. #kidsobstaclechallenge AD

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