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Wig Maker For Glam'More Girls  πŸ“‹Education Provider, Traveling Stylist, Wig Maker, Coach/Mentor (www.letsglammore.com) πŸ“ΉYouTube Vlogger : Glams Corner βœ‚πŸ‘‡CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANN


πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ looks awesome for a #rosegoldhair banger!! @clairol_pro


Awesome event.... I'm wearing my #indiandeepwave in 22 inches with a #5x5laceclosure

Sharing is Caring.. Brunch with these Beauties. So many times we think we're so different from one another... it is only through sharing that we find that we're so much more alike than we previously believed. - Glam 😍😚

When you envision your goals, dreams, and future be sure to be VERY specific. It's so necessary ! How will you be wearing your hair, can you see it blowing in the wind? Are you walking down the side walk on that specific side of town that now you only fantasize about. Do you have on shades? What brand? What perfume are you wearing? What color is your lipstick. Can you hear your heels click against the pavement. You look down at your watch, what kind of watch is it? You reach into your bag, what kind of bag will you be carrying? You feel around searching for your keys and you finally find them. What kind of keys are there? A key to your dream car and home and one to your office.... What do they look like, how do they make you feel? Are you smiling as you press the button to unlock your doors, what music is playing.... honey people call these dreams.... me... well I call them GOALS. AND YES THEY ARE ACHIEVEABLE! -Glam😍😚😚

Business Brunch.... 😍 Always nice to be around like minded people. ....
Like minded people will keep you on track when the people you've been used to bring you down, discourage you, envy you. Like minded people light up to hear you share your goals/dreams because they carry that same enthusiasm within themselves. Like minded people will tell you to GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THAT NEGATIVE PLACE AND THINK POSITIVE, they won't let you fall, they won't let you stumble, when you give excuses they give you reasons, when you show fear, they show you why you're so fearless.... In my @charlionpatrice voice " so what are your goals today?" find you some of those people -Glam πŸ˜πŸ˜™

Rocking my #indiandeepwave
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And in that order!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ

Be original...... It's ok to not be like everyone else -Glam


I prefer when she has the darker roots 😳

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