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I thought you guys deserved a little “skincare routine update” since this account has been pretty inactive recently :( So let’s go!!
❤️@cerave- This company is quite literally THEBOMB.COM ! Their products are so nourishing and moisturizing without drowning the face in oils.
❤️@malieorganics - This body polish smells so so heavenly, I can’t even express it. I bought this one my recent trip to Hawaii and I brings back good memories!
❤️@kissmyfaceusa - This liquid rollerball deodorant has saved my life (and my shirts) many a time. Many popular deodorant brands nowadays have harmful metals in them that physically block the sweat glands. This commonly leads to cancers in the upper arm. But using a natural deodorant can tackle the smell, sweat and help your body
❤️@sheamoisture - Using Black castor oil has significantly helped my eyelash and eyebrow growth. My lashes and brows are much fuller and darker than just weeks before using this product
❤️@itsaten - Shout out to Its a ten for once again, absolutely killing it with the product. I got this sample and I am IN LOVE. It smells so so good and leaves my hair feeling refreshed.

Day 4- anti-aging product- I don’t really have a strictly Anti-aging product, and I don’t see the need too as along as I keep wearing sunscreen. Around 85% of “aging” is actually just sun damage. Literally applying sunscreen through the day can help reduce this greatly and make your skin be healthy and happy. I love this @aveenous daily moisturizer with spf (either 15 or 30) because it is super moisturizing and priming and leaves no white cast! ☀️
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Day 3- travel sized product- I’m in love with micellar water. Here are two of my favorites, one from #simple, and one from @larocheposayusa . These are amazing for taking off mascara and stubborn makeup.
#febdewarychallenge #makeup #makeupremover #micellarwater #larocheposay #simpleskincare #letsdewit #dew #feb #love #skincare #care #dewyskin

Day 2- today is a beautiful, red, @lushcosmetics shower gel for #nationalwearredday ! I absolutely love this romantic, rosy scent. 🌹
#red #weared #makeup #cosmetics #redproduct #febdewarychallenge #rosejam #lush #showergel #lovelush #letsdewit #guru #beauty #beautiful

Day one- treat yo self.💎💎💎
My entire lavender collection from #therawell is my go to for a luxurious bath, complete with candles and of course... Chocolate!
Remember to treat yourself, either luxuriously or just by taking care of your health♥️
#selfcare #treatyoself #febdewarychallenge #feburay1st #selflove #skincare #makeup #bath #luxurylife #luxurybath #relax #chocolate #treatyourself #treatyourselfdontcheatyourself

Entering in @sortofobsessed giveaway!!! Happy bday to her and many kudos for the beautiful feed♥️🔥♥️ #adris24giveaway

A @glossier staple, balm dot com is for sure one of my favorite products. This multipurpose, matte(!) balm is amazing for use on chapped winter lips, icky cuticles, ashy elbows, and more! So far I only have the original, but I am looking forward to getting some more flavors! (Birthday cake, anyone?)
⭐️Swipe to see balm dot coms mini photoshoot⭐️

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My favorite masks- these help with so many skin issues and are my answer to everything. On a normal week I do 2-3 masks but if I am breaking out I will do 3-5 (or just everyday until the breakout subsides.) these masks have all worked wonders on my skin without irritating it (its very sensitive) or drying it out.
💎 @freemanbeauty clearing sweet tea and lemon clay peel of mask- this mask is SO GOOD AT CLAERING UP BREAKOUTS! I use it on my t-zone at least once a week and it gets rid of any oil, like a clay mask, but comes off satisfyingly easy, like a peeling mask. It is the perfect hybrid of clay and peeling. 🔥 @cvspharmacy Honey Dew And Chamomile overnight cream mask- This mask is super hydrating! It smells amazing and I have almost used up my entire bottle because of how dry this winter has been. It goes on slightly thick but my skin always slurps up the moisture quick and it looks like you have nothing on your face. No greasy residue, no worries, just hydrating goodness.
💎 @formula1006us Be berry bright exfoliating mud mask - super gentle exfoliant that’s perfect for sensitive skin. Always leaves my looking lit from within and so smooth!
🔥 @etudehouse.official bubble tea overnight mask - This mask is indescribably productive. It clears skin and hydrates at the same time, and has all the benefits of green tea. Always in my weekly rotation and perfect for jet lagged, tired skin.
💎 @vichyusa clay mask- this mask is AMAZING for tightening skin and clearing/ reducing pores. I love to use this on Friday nights when my skin is tired and nasty after a week of school. This mask is also super fun to apply because of the texture😁
#mask #beauty #letsdewit #dewy #freemanmask #cvsbeauty #beberrybright #greentea #etudehouse #vichy #clay #claymask #maskaddict #masklife #beatyguru #girlsbeauty #cosmetics #skincare #weeklymask

I set up this cute little pink-themed product spot on my dresser the other day, and I’m really liking it! A new home for some of my favorite and most luxurious products. 👄 @glossier - Glossier You eau de parfume - y’all already know (if you don’t, check out our feed and see😁)
🎀 @bathandbodyworks - Rose quartz love spell candle - I’ve started turning into a but of a candle and crystal addict, and this is a perfect match of both! A lovely scent that fills the room - and my heart- with love 👄 @mariobadescu - facial spray w/ aloe, herbs, & rose water - super refreshing and perfect for pick me ups, primer, or setting spray!
🎀 @bathandbodyworks - Amber and Argan body cream - super luxurious cream that locks in moisture and keeps it coming all day.
👄 @lushcosmetics Ro’s Argan body conditioner - more rich than the bath and body works one, this rosy cream makes my skin as soft and as beautiful-smelling as a rose petal!
🎀 @lushcosmetics - lotion bar & tin- sorry, irk what type of bar this is bc I was given it as a gift, but I love the way my skin smells and feels after rubbing this on, a moisturized, silky finish.
👄 @frank_bod - body balm- this is an amazing, multitasking balm. It tends to separate a bit in the bottle though, so watch out!
#glossier #glossieryou #lush #lushcosmetics #lushlotionbar #moisturizer #lushbodyconditioner #rosy #rosequartz #candle #bathandbodyworkscandles #bathandbodyworks #rosequartzcandle #lovespell #Arganoil #bathandbodyworkslotion #frankbody #balm #bodybalm #mariobadescu #facialspray #rose

Review for this @biorepublic sheet mask 💕Packaging💕- This packaging is actually sooo cute! It is very summery so it made the winter grossness feel a little bit better 💕While Using💕- When I first opened up the package I was surprised, there was only a small amount of serum but after I peeled it off I could tell my skin was completely saturated 💕After Thoughts💕- Some of my acne scarring was slightly faded and my skin felt very soft and renewed 💕Final thoughts💕8.5/10 reccomend - Thanks to @ipsy for sending😁

My absolute favorite products for my sensitive, dry skin (with occasional hormonal acne.) Using these products daily gives my skin a dewy, hydrated, and fresh finish. These products are my holy grails♥️❤️♥️❤️
❤️ @glossier You, eau de parfume- not skincare, but still one I love sooo much and use daily, a scent like no other, perfectly human.
♥️ @cerave hydrating cleanser- while most cleansers leave my skin feeling stripped, dry, and horridly tight, this cleanser actually makes it feel mega-hydrated and like I don’t even need moisturizer (I always need moisturizer)
❤️ @thayersnatural Lavender Witch Hazel toner- this toner is all natural, free of all the bad stuff, and packed with all the god stuff.
♥️ @cerave moisturizing lotion- this is probably supposed to be used on your body but I use it as a face moisturizer. I love it because the water base makes for a light-but-moisture rich lotion that is never greasy!
❤️ @yestocarrots nourishing night cream- This is a new purchase, but so far I’ve seen incredible changes in my skins’ plumpness and smoothness.
♥️ Simple micellar cleansing water- great as a fist cleanse to take off makeup! I use this when I get home from school to cleanse off my makeup and leave my skin hydrated.
❤️ @larocheposayusa micellar water- great for sensitive skin to remove makeup, a little pricy though.
♥️ @mariobadescu facial spray w/ aloe, herbs, & rose water- I wish I had used this earlier! Amazing for so many reasons and purposes! Setting spray, refresher, pruning spray, etc. srsly amazing smell too...
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