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Letoto☮️  Lucky momma to 🦄🐒🐒Proud wifey of a 🏊🏽🏃🏽🚴🏽Miami 🌴Plant based 🍉Yogui🙏🏾"Eat healthy, sleep well, breathe deeply and enjoy life"🔮


My big BABY🐒💙🌈We have this new game where he identifies who is who in their baby pictures and he has already mastered it🙌🏾He knows how to identify him and almost never confuses between little P and Lola,such a clever boy✨He also decided yesterday after their night tale that he was ready to leave his dummy to the Paw Patrol🙈🙊I think he is ready but I'm not sure I am, I love him in his dummy, he is just the cutest thing...has this ever happened to you moms? Of course I said yes and he still hasn't asked of it, I'm so proud but not that happy at the same time hahaahahaha🙈Am I crazy? ❤️ #mylittlemonkey #myall #myperson #whyareyousocute #mominlovesomuch #letoandtheraws☮️ #motherhood

When he wants to steal my CHAI tea latte and little monkey attends his monkey business🐒🍶💙These two drive me crazy but those faces are so worthy🙌🏾✨Usually when it's hot I have my chai tea frozen but yesterday I craved it hot: super easy to make➡️Bring water to boil and add you favorite tea. Add ginger,nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom(I also added a little cocoa)and mix. Add your fav milk and whisk till to get your foam!! It so delish!! Click the link on my profile to get the frozen recipe(mor adequate for this weather😜)Have a lovely week🌈 #mylittlemonkeys #socute #sosweet #myall #mominlove #myall #letoandtheraws☮️ #healthykids #healthyfood #chaitealatte

When BEACH days knock you down🐒🐳🐬I totally get that sensation my cute little P, I wish I had a dummy too so we could take a nap together💙Today was so hot that you could only resist inside the water so we spent all our energy swimming before their daily 💤 Sometimes I want to be a baby too...actually always hahahahahaa, such a good life when we are little✨ #mybaby #myall #mylittleP #inlove #imelt #sosweet #irresistible #mominlovesomuch #socute #letoandtheraws☮️ #beachdays #beachlife #miamilife🌴

ICE CREAM and my three, how better can it possibly be?🐒🍦🙉Obsessed with the coconut sorbet at @bertonigelato so we were back at it yesterday afternoon✨As you can see daddy is more of a chocolate person and little monkeys really enjoy their ice-cream afternoons🙌🏾I miss Lola here with me observing these three but still they are the cutest thing on earth sharing their icecream and chatting about life....I'm in love💙Happy Sunday🌈 #mythree #thesethree #myloves #mymen #inlove #familyfirst #myfamilyisthebest #happiness #letoandtheraws☮️ #healthykids #healthytreats #icreamlovers #coconut

I guess I could spend the day inside the WATER too, it makes me feel so good🌊🌴☀️I actually would love to be a fish, or a mermaid, or better I want to be Moana and sing as good as her hahahaha💧💦Life is definitely better at the beach,specially when the water is this pretty and today was a great beach-day🌈 #letotoandtheraws☮️ #lifeisbetteratthebeach #ilovetype

Happy Saturday everyone and hugs from these two little MONKEYS🐒🍼🐒So let me tell you a story: when we were in Mexico one of our @twistshakebaby bottles disappeared (yes, its a magical thing that happens when you have kids🙉,things disappear even if they are big never to be found again haha)and during the whole holiday they both just wanted the @twistshakebaby bottle left so YES, there were fights about it🙊I decided to buy a new bottle to avoid conflict but guess what? They just wanted THE bottle so they shared it the whole time🙌🏾Thankfully we had our new pastel collection bottles waiting for us here at home and they are so happy with them🕺🏽Cheering for you all with their greens this morning and reminding you that you can get a 20% off in your @twistshakebaby by using the code LETOTO20 ✨Try them, your kids will thank you forever!! I've tried many bottles and this ones are def the best!! #mylittlemonkeys #myall #myloves #socute #sosweet #mominlove #letoandtheraws☮️ #twistshakebaby #babybottles #ad

Cause the OCEAN is also magnificent when it rains and these three make it even prettier🐒🌊💜Happy to be back home for a while and super blessed to be able to enjoy this kind of views😜Hope you all have a wonderful weekend🌈 #mythree #mymen #myall #myboys #luckyme #missingmygirl #mominlovesomuch #letoandtheraws☮️

Don't even think about it mom, it my BREAKY and I'll have it all to myself🐒🙊🙉And of course you can have it my little P, you know that face wins me💙For those who asked we sometimes have "fast" breakfast but it doesn't mean that it has to be unhealthy✨This one has corn cereals,quinoa cereals, nanas&berries, peanut butter and almond milk🍌🍇🍯🍶Your kids will love it and you will too cause it's yummy and super healthy🙌🏾Have an awesome Friday🌈 #mylittleP #mylove #myall #socute #sosweet #mominlove #letoandtheraws☮️ #healthykids #healthyfood #healthybreakfast

Sometimes I look at them and think about TIME and how I'd love press stop and make them stay little just a bit longer...🐒⭐️✨Little monkey here was born two minutes ago and now he is taller than me, cuter than the moon and such a grown up💛When they say kids grow fast they are quite right...that's why we have to make every second of their childhood count cause once they grow up they will remember and they'll be super happy🙌🏾✨Create amazing memories with your kids and help them write the best version of their book of life, it's so worthy🌈We are working on it here and even when things are not perfect we learn from them and make lessons count too...and please my dear sweet monkey, stop growing up this moment hahahahahaa 💚💚💚#mylittlemonkey #myperson #socute #sosweet #mybigbaby #inlove #letoandtheraws☮️ #childhoodunpluged

Taking this little monkey-PANDA bear back home🐒🐼🙉Its time to go back and we have encountered feelings cause we can't wait to be home but we will miss you so much our dear Mexico🇲🇽 You know we will be back soon so please stay still and wait for us with all your magic🙌🏾❤️One of the things will miss is Mexican markets and the taste of its fruits and veggies,so full of color and deliciousness 🍏🍌🍎Miami here we go, my cute panda here is already swimming in your ocean and I'm also nervous to dive in with him🌊 Have a lovely Thursday🌈 #mylittleP #mypanda #mysweetness #socute #myall #inlove #mybaby #letoandtheraws☮️ #hometime #healthykids #healthyhabbits

Our new gardener just arrived and he is doing a GREAT job🐒🌻🌼He literally wants to get inside the pot and swim around hahaha🙌🏾I love how when we engage in new activities he always ends up the same way: super dirty and surrounded by water💧💦There you go little P, if I could I'd do the same plus you are even cuter when you are a mess⭐️Have a great day🌈 #mylittleP #mylove #myall #socute #sosweet #inlove #letoantheraws☮️

Pad THAI noodles🐒🙌🏾🍜Woke up thinking about them so we had them for lunch✨Do you ever dream about food and then crave for it? Or do you ever sleep thinking about eating something and then you actually eat it in your dreams?⭐️It happens to me sometimes, specially with cheat meals so at least we get to eat them while dreaming guilt free🤣Little Monkey here is a super fan of pad Thai noodles so even if he doesn't dream about them they are always the perfect option and for that face who wouldn't cook noodles every day?❤️Have a lovely Tuesday🌈 Recipe in BIO🔝 #mylittlemonkey #myall #socute #sosweet #mominlovesomuch #mylove #imelt #letoantheraws☮️ #healthykids #healthyfood #padthainoodles

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