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Tracy Naughton  Living Free Riding Dreams 🌻 Freelance Photographer surf + art 🔆 new online shop limited edition prints 🎼 Sunshine Coast 🍍

‘And you can tell everybody that this is your song’ Elton John - Lyrics @kirrashale woke up with this song in my head - it’s a goodie have a great day all!

‘Sunny side up’

‘Flow’ Sade

‘Fuzzy’ Grant Lee Buffalo Not going to lie, feeling a bit fuzzy today after a big weekend but that’s what’s life’s about right, so much fun at the time 😂@kirrashale

‘Walk me through the purple light’ Elliphant @lotta_and_the_waves all roads lead to Noosa today for the @noosafoodandwine 🥂

‘Running down a dream’ Tom Petty @elliamaisurf running into the weekend ! So much going on this weekend hope you’ve got a good one planned !

Hoping for a bit of this over the weekend for the @noosafoodandwine @visitnoosa maybe I’ll see ya there 🥂 Happy weekend all!

‘Let the good times roll’ @sheandthesea_

‘May your song always be sung’ Forever Young - Bob Dylan @dippystbaker heading out during Oma ✊🏻

‘She picked the colours from the air’ The Painter - Neil Young not only is she a walking artwork but she is a talented artist herself @facingblankpages 🎨

‘Power is power’ Sza @molly_redwood firing during cyclone Oma - some motivational Monday mood 🔥

‘Mama’ Spice girls To all the mums and dads who are like mums and other parentals taking on the mama role have a beautiful day ☀️ from a surprise pregnancy shoot with @zenthai_soul_and_surf 💛

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