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the spam  My main: lethiax, sc//lnguelieko

K guys at night when I stay up late I overthink things anddd I’ve been hella overthinking things this spring break . But aren’t pop tart ravioli? Like deadass . And I have other things petty things I overthink but this ones the most relevant atm .

To the bitches that call themselves ugly when their actually rLY pretty annoys the shiiiiiii at of me bc my ugly ass RLYY‼️‼️ has the worst self esteem , and it jus seems to get worst . Anyways the purpose of this rant is the rly mf pretty girls that call themselves ugly jus annoys the crap outta me bc sometimes I have trouble looking in the mirror bc I’m afraid to ruin the rest of my day bc of the look of my face . 😕 I’m jus saying if you can find you flexing in the mirror about how you look , or if u can take a okay selfie inna few seconds thennn prolly don’t call yourself ugly .

A mood 👀👀‼️‼️‼️

Damn this shii be tru asf , n Carys agrees with me 😂

Y’all a mood for today

Brrrrooo I hate being a Gemini sometimes 🤧

Day 22; ion have baby pics sooo 🤷🏿‍♀️. Buu if this is a kinda throwback

Day 20; 🤪 risky pic ; when I’m sick , you should rly not touch me with a 20ft pole

Day 19; “collage”, idk if it’s collage buuuu Imma jus say it is

Day 18; fav memorie

Yeah so I got a new sc , a while back but ion think anyone know that buu adddd meee ion care who u areeee adddd meee ❣️

Day 17; selfie 😂

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