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Lethbridge Fitness 

January Sale Extended!! Memberships up to 60% off!! All Fitness classes included.
High school 1 year Membership $99
College/ University 1 year Membership $ 199
1 year regular Membership $449
3 month Membership $129
3 month tanning OR 3 month red light $99
Personal training 12% off
Supplements BOGO 50% off
Call 403-320-1781
Click on link for quick registration.


One of the best ways for our kids to deal with school, friends, external stresses is EXERCISE!!! High school memberships on sale now for $99!

#Repost @boosterjuice Have you tried one of our new chia puddings?????? If not this is your chance!!! ・・・
We have a special announcement to make 🎉! Looking to try something new in 2018? Purchase one of our Chia Puddings and post a picture to your social media feeds, tagging us @boosterjuice and using the hashtag #SayChia for a 1 in 3 chance to win FREE SMOOTHIES FOR A YEAR! Learn more at www.boosterjuice.com/currentoffers. #lethbridgefitness #lethbridgeboosterjuice

Want to shed a few of your holiday pounds? Our Bootcamps are designed for that!
Get a Strong Body Bootcamp at a reduced rate and recieve a gym membership absolutely FREE!

Purchase now with the link below, or stop in to see us!! #lethbridgefitness #lethbridgebootcamp

We open at 8 am!!! Come see us for some great specials!!!

Great Last second gift for your student in the house!! Call now 403-320-1781 or go to www.lethbridgefitness.ca/gym/prices/ to purchase. #lethbridgefitness

Black light pound is back!
Saturday January 20th 6:30-6:45
Cost $25 we supply all the body paint and glow sticks!
Sign up today at the front desk or call 403-320-1781

My name is Victoria de Groot. I am a wife and a mom of two little people. I am an AFLCA certified group fitness instructor, a Fit 4 Two pre and postnatal fitness specialist, and a MOC Barre method certified instructor. My desire is to help others live an active and healthy lifestyle. I want to help people get stronger and healthier and find enjoyment in moving!
Victoria teaches the Wednesday 4:30pm StrongBody Bootcamp – come out for a free two week trial and say ‘hi’. #lethbridgefitness #lethbridgefitnessclub #lethbridgeyoga

This is a devastating loss to the Lethbridge Fitness Family. Darcy has been a loyal member for over 20 years. He was the first person we saw at 5 am and always greeted staff and members with a smile and kind greeting. He was truly the best, our hearts are broken.
We will miss you Darcy.

Deanna Mikado is one of our new yoga instructors – you can find her teaching the Hot Power Yoga class on Saturday mornings at 10:10am.
Fun Facts about Deanna - "One of my biggest fears is "heights" however, I'm working to overcome this one mountain at a time." I love the mountains and hiking!

Daniel Vincent is a new yoga instructor at Lethbridge Fitness – you can find him teaching the 7:00pm Yoga for Athletes class starting in December.
Fun Facts:
I eat pizza.
I drink beer.
I use my mala to meditate.
I don’t make kombucha.
I don’t sell jewelry.
I don’t give discounts on leggings.
I don’t throw myself into extremely advanced poses just long enough to take that perfect Instagram photo.
I don’t care how strong you are.
I don’t care how flexible you are.
Show me how willing you are.
Show me how compassionate you are.
I work damn hard.
I practice every DAMN day!
I swear but always for the right reasons!
I like to donate my time and services to charities because I’m capable and I can make a difference.
I don’t instruct yoga I teach it.
I hustle hard.
I believe advanced poses come from lifting the edges of the mouth.
I love my students as much as my family.
I walk my talk.
That’s who I am that’s what I do.
I am Daniel Vincent.

Thank you to our great members @spencerlifts83 for taking over our Instagram on Wednesday!! Up today @ash_lav7 !! Are you interested in taking it over?? Come talk to us and Lets get you on our schedule! #lethbridgefitness #lethbridgefitnessclub #lethbridgebootcamp

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