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Justyna Lorkowska  Knitting designer creating in the outskirts of Torun, Poland🔸 Wife to an indie dyer @martinslab 🔹 Rav ID: Lete #letesknits

Late night Friday knitting. Just 1.5 section left and I’ll be done. This little luxurious cowl is so much fun to knit ✨

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So this is what last 3 at the beginning of your birthday feels like 🤔 next year I’ll be a proper grownup 😉 I look in the mirror and see the crow’s feet from shortsightedness and laughter, a bit of spare tyre and... I don’t care 🤷🏼‍♀️ the most important thing is that my family is with me, loves me and I have my dream job thanks to you! To celebrate the last 3 I clicked publish on this Pretty Brioche Thing I made a couple of days ago :) it’s free and will always remain so - I’ll put link in the profile. Also until tomorrow all my self published patterns (except collections and Piccadilly) are 30% off with code LAST3. Happy knitting!
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I’ve made a pretty brioche thing :) that’s a very simple cowl in two skeins of bulky ✨
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When we came back from Finland Marcin @martinslab asked me if I could make a one-skein cowl in his Tibetan Singles. Sure! He picked the color for this one, when I make my own it will be green (surprise huh? 😂) #letesknits #martinslab #knitting #knitstagram #knitting_inspiration

Not sure taking up a new hobby is wise but I seriously need a big macrame for my bedroom wall 😉
Improvising something small first to learn the basic knots. Fun! #macrame #letesknits #homedecor

Omg! I did it! I finally finished my foot tattoos of Lady Day and Mr. Night. That @maurycytattoo is talented or what? Right? #letesknits #tattoogirl #foottattoos #maurycyszymczak

When you wish to take pics of your knitwear but the pup thinks otherwise 😂
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Making a proper swatch when CO a sweater is very important. 2” long is not enough. Exactly 4” wide is no good either. Go for 6x6”! I just unpinned mine and will not measure it - I’ll wait for the sts to bounce back as they would. Have you noticed that your sweaters are looser right after unpinning and once they start “working” the gauge changes? Anyway, wanted to share this pic for three reasons: 1. please swatch and a sweater is not a swatch 😉;
2. I got this pretty blocking set from the awesome @annbuddknits (thank you again!)
3. I finally swatched with something very pretty Marcin @martinslab and I have been working on for a couple of months now. I’m so excited I could 😱 but soon! Soon! All will be revealed and next year EYF @edinyarnfest will be ✨ ❤️💕 (I so wish I could show you the palette, it’s TDF 😍)
Phew 😅
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So the cat is out of the bag 😉
My hubby and me are honored to be the part of @indieuntangled 2019 yarn club. @martinslab and me will be cooking up something special for you :) #letesknits #martinslabyarn
#Repost @indieuntangled
The second installment of the 2019 Indie Untangled Where We Knit Yarn Club will see a collaboration from the talented husband and wife team of @martinslab and @letesknits! Their exclusive colorway and accessory design will be inspired by the forests surrounding their new home in rural Poland. 🌳This quarterly club, which will begin shipping in February, brings together four dyer/designer dream teams. Each pair will collaborate on an exclusive colorway and an accompanying accessory design inspired by their favorite spots to whip out their WIPs. Follow the profile link to grab your spot before it sells out! 🌍
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Having seen so many tiles while decorating our house, creating a hat with tiled pattern seemed only appropriate :)
And even better, I finally CO the yarns from my first trip to Edinburgh Yarn Festival :) win-win right? :)
So today, just before we leave for Finnish Craft & Design @suomenkadentaidot festival I clicked publish on the colorful design.
Grab 5 colors and make your own Tiles! I even added a blank chart for you to use :)
Finally, if you use code COLORS in your Rav cart, you'll get it 20% off! (runs till 15th Nov). #knitstagram #letesknits #knitting_inspiration #whiteberrycompl #fairisle
pic @whiteberry.com.pl

Captured by my son. Masgot Wrap.
I don’t do scarves but this one was a joy to knit - subtly striped, with highlighter wedges that kept me going (“just one more wedge, just one more wedge”). Hope to start testing very soon 🙃
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I’m packing for our trip to @suomenkadentaidot . Marcin @martinslab and I will be traveling to Finnish Craft & Design Festival that’s happening next weekend in Tampere. I can’t wait. And there’s more! We’re driving through Tallin, Estonia which is something I’m really looking forward to ☺️
So... I’m packing my clothes to wear where the temps are actually lower than in Poland and I have no time to wash my Beyul but I do have time to shave it. While in Edmonton I received one of the coolest Canadian souvenirs ever - Gleener ✨ @toothfairypurls Malgosia, thank you! I could gleen everything now!
Anyway, see you soon Scandinavian knitters! Marcin’s booth is E1011 in the “international corner” of the fair 😍

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