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Justyna Lorkowska  I knit a lot :)🔹 Rav ID: Lete #letesknits

Today Fall welcomed me with the rain. Good I finished gardening a minute before the first drops got me wet :) Our new neighbors say our village looks the most beautiful during fall/winter time. Can’t wait 😊
Also I thought it might be fun to remind you my fave old designs which are ideal for the first chills or lots of snow ;) Fuego Hat is one of them 💛 this hat must be one of my warmest and awesome knits.
Finally, until the end of Sept each of the presented designs will be 20% off. Use FALL1 in your rav cart if you wish to receive the discount (runs till tomorrow only)
#fallishere #letesknits #knitstagram #neverenoughhats #knitting_inspiration

Happy times finally ahead of me. Started decorating my studio ❤️
I know more or less what I need/want but anyone willing to share some super awesome tricks on what I should not forget to have in there?
#letesknits #knitstagram #knittingstudio

Finally Candy Sparrow ended up on my needles 💕
Lots of stitches that one day will finish as a shawl/wrap.
This is a special design I’m making for Knit For Fun retreat in Edmonton next month. ✨
#knitstagram #letesknits #neverenoughshawls #knitting_inspiration #martinslabyarn

Knitting away like crazy (well, almost as I’m making three things now asap)
#martinslabyarn #letesknits #knitting_inspiration #knitstagram #neverenoughshawls

I don’t really do wraps but this one is so much fun 💛 and I’m halfway there! #letesknits #martinslabyarn #knitstagram #knitting_inspiration #newdesign

It’s been 10 years with this dude 😉❤️

Last section, ribbing and I can wear my very own green “Soul Warmer” 💚
#letesknits #knitstagram #knitting_inspiration #tabularasaneutrals #martinslabyarn

The best part about my job, apart from all the pretty yarn I get to cuddle, is meeting knitters ✨
Vlnene Sestry is such a fab shop in the heart of Brno 💛 @vlnenesestry
#knitting_inspiration #letesknits #knitstagram #vlnenesestry #knitting

The best part about hosting a test knit for a design is the ability to see the fab combos that knitters make. I remember when I talked to Skye @skyebekah about her color choice and she didn’t really believe me it would be awesome 😎 it is! 💛🖤 thank you for the trust Skye :)
#knitting #letesknits #knitstagram #neverenoughshawls #knitting_inspiration

Tomorrow morning I’m hopping on a coach to Brno to visit lovely @vlnenesestry shop, so today is the day I publish “Different Light” shawl. It’s created to celebrate the 5th anniversary of this little Czech yarn shop and I’m super happy with the result. Vlnene Sestry means “Wool Sisters” and this shawl is like that: an ideal symbiosis of simple stitches, lace and texture, and two colors. Why “Different Light”? While I was working on it, the Bangles were on my mind all the time 👩‍❤️‍👩 and it seemed so poetic 😜
Until Sun 2nd Sept (when I come back home) the pattern is 20% off with code SISTERS.
#letesknits #knitstagram #martinslabyarn #vlnenesestry #neverenoughshawls #whiteberrycompl

Yay, I’ve finally finished making the white brick wall. Painting all those gaps between bricks with silicone paint was tedious. Now, I can sit and knit here :) as long as pups allow me to 😂
#mustknitfaster #letesknits #myknittingspot #knitting

Haven’t been taking pics of my knitwear with @whiteberry.com.pl for a while. Feels so good to be back at work again. “Different Light” shawl got photographed first - be on the lookout for the pattern next week.
#letesknits #mustknitfaster #martinslabyarn #knitstagram #knitting_inspiration #martinslab #vlnenesestry #whiteberrycompl

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