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Leta Sobierajski  Art director & graphic designer. Loving and living with @wadejeffree in NYC.


Our latest for @dsanddurga is White Peacock Lily! Ethereal and lush, evocative and soothing. @wadejeffree and I covered my entire body in white paint for this one!

Home sweet home ❤️💛💚

I have been traveling nonstop for the past few months and it is so nice to finally be back in New York in time for summer. It's been a crazy and amazing time, and I was so privileged to speak in Barcelona, Warsaw, and Amsterdam with @wadejeffree. Now, it's back to studio time and sun time!
And thanks to @lauclothing for making the summer transition a little easier! I'm trying to do my best backbend here but clearly I need to work harder on my flexibility!

"Organisation of Love" by Erwin Wurm. Loved this piece, and I'd say it sums up our relationship rather well 🖤

Yesterday @wadejeffree and I had the joy of participating in Erwin Wurm's one minute sculpture series. We have been huge fans of his work and a lot of his ideas have influenced the way we think about our own projects. We were thrilled to play with each piece which felt a little absurd, yet also serene and calming, since you would have to remain posed for a minute.
The show is on view at Lehmann Maupin so go and participate!

Mmmmmarfa! It's been about a month since we were there but I could use some of that dry desert heat right about now! Here is one of Dan Flavin's many permanent installations in the old army base that Donald Judd acquired.

Radio Bombay for @dsanddurga featuring a foot by yours truly and a lot of good direction from @wadejeffree. The things we do to get that shot!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of taking a private tour of @collectivedf courtesy of @cb. Here @wadejeffree tests out the kinetic room created by @umproject and @flavorpaper!

A few months ago, @wadejeffree and I made a piece to protest the KKK march that was happening at the beginning of 2017. While it never was actually published (the article didn't run because of the controversial content) we still feel strongly about the message we intended for it to say.
Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves, if only for a few hours. Bob Marley said it best: When it hits you, you feel no pain.

Our suit amplifies music and brings peace to a tense moment. Using hypnotic, shield-like plates, the wearer can stun and surprise those in the parade without causing physical conflict or disarray.

It keeps on going! Here is Bowmakers for @dsanddurga featuring a masochistic woodcarver (and @wadejeffree as the trusty model). #dsd2017

Another one of our images for @dsanddurga! Coriander is a dream of Odessa by the sea. Fresh green herbs, cool spices, ozone, and white musk. Also, pickles. But it doesn't smell like pickles! We wanted to create a stimulating, pattern overload image that was reminiscent of Eastern European culture & kitsch. ❤️

This past week was such a surreal experience! @wadejeffree and I spoke at @offfest in Barcelona and hung out with some of our dearest friends while eating tapas and drinking natural wine. It was a pleasure to meet you all!
This jarring image is from our contribution to OFFF's annual book in which we envisioned our memories from the womb. If you couldn't guess, it's a human vagina 😜

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