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Leta Sobierajski  Art director & graphic designer. Loving & living & working with @wadejeffree. Currently in Tokyo until October.

Yesterday after spending the morning in Arashiyama and being devoured by mosquitos, I took to the streets of Kyoto to explore some of the design and architecture in the surrounding area. One of my top things to visit was Kazumasa Yamashita’s Kao no ie ('Face House'), located near the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Built between 1973-4. It was built to invigorate an otherwise dreary street, adding humanization to architecture. The base floor houses a shop and a gallery run by @ooocreative. I had the pleasure of meeting Tomoyo and getting a quick tour! On the left side is a shop with many curated items and on the right is a gallery space housing art and design. I learned that they are quite interested in having new exhibitors (foreign ones too!) so if you’re interested in staying Kyoto a little longer, you should reach out!

FINALLY I am healthy again. This entire week has been a lot of snot and sickness, some of which I think may have been from the constant hot / cold drastic temperature shifts here. Tokyo is hot. HOT. And the humidity makes it feel even hotter. I have never sweat this much on a regular basis and I owe my all to Pocari Sweat for keeping me alive. I’ve finally regained my voice and my nose has stopped running and I feel like I’m able to think a little clearer once again.
To celebrate, I went to Shimokitazawa to spend the day eating and drinking. I started the day at Gōtokuji Temple, famous for their maneki neko. It looks quite dense here but it’s actually populated anvery small area of the grounds. After, I met up with @yui.horiuchi to enjoy the Shimokita Bon Odori, which was essentially a dance fest in the middle of the neighborhood. I get so excited and emotional when I witness these events because of course, we don’t have anything like this in the United States (our country is so young) and our culture is more of a mix of so many others, so I can’t help but get a little teary-eyed when I see people dressed in kimono singing and dancing together and inviting everyone around to participate. Summer is oh so sweaty in Japan but the celebrations and the festivals make it all worth it.
In these photos, I’m standing at the entrance of Gōtokuji Temple holding a fan that I bought when I was high on Chinese cold medicine 🎯 This basin behind me is called Jokoro (I think). It is a large incense burner that emits smoke that you waft over yourself to purify your body when visiting the temple, and many believe that it has healing effects, and that’s why you fan the smoke over yourself when you enter the space. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I want to learn more!

Cue Cowboy Bebop’s “Rain” song. 🎼
I’ve been super sick this past week—very horse throat (to the point of not being able to talk!), nose dribbles galore, and overall exhaustion. Tokyo’s such a fun place to be but I haven’t left all my work responsibilities behind so I’m working my regular studio hours to make ends meet. After two successful presentations yesterday including one in person where I was wishing with all my might that my snot would stay inside my nose(!), I took today to go for a walk and explore Yanaka Ginza since I’m starting to feel a little better. I removed the face mask for this shot, but don’t worry I kept my germs to myself for the remainder of the day. OH and I ate coffee jelly for the first time today ☕️😋

Yesterday I visited @teamlab_borderless’s new "Borderless" exhibition, a brand new permanent installation in Odaiba's MORI building. It's a vast, complex, exhibition in a gigantic space that is filled with computers, projectors, trampolines, screens, balloons, and beautiful, intricate, intelligent lights. It is very easy to spend upwards of 3 hours in here and it felt like there was always something new to discover along the winding projection-mapped hallways. This is such a unique experience. While I was here, I was chatting with @yskrt36 about how art and galleries are changing, and how art is now being made with extreme approachability in mind in order to engage a larger audience. This exhibition is the epitome of this idea, and it carries it out in such an exciting, engaging, mesmerizing way. Make sure to get your tickets ahead of time because they sell out and don't worry, it's permanent.

Casual studio attire 🐕 📸 @lindseybyrnes for 📚 @nylonmag & 🕶 @rayban

Perhaps you can’t quite see it here but I am truly dripping with so much sweat that my hair is suctioned to my neck and cheeks. Taking photos by yourself is awkward and uncomfortable and I’m worried that people on the street think I’m a blogger or a vlogger or a gawker or a googler or whatever other terms are out there these days! But, in fact I’m actually very self conscious about setting up a tripod and taking a few snaps (you need photos to look back on, right?). It’s easy when you’re in your own studio and you’re handling your own equipment in a controlled environment but here I can’t really deal with taking a million photos to find the right lighting and the right angle so I hope this will do! For the record, I only took two. Now you know my secrets.

A snippet of the chaos I am *NOT* currently creating in the studio. I’ve been stuck in the apartment working for a good amount of the time I’ve been in Japan so far. Good things of course! But it’s always hard to be away from your equipment, your stuff, your colors, and your typical comforts. I ensure you that I’ll be traveling more soon. I’m seeing some really cool stuff, hanging out with wonderful people, and getting some great inspiration. This post sounds like I’m writing to my parents at summer camp. Also there is a really intense heat wave in Japan right now (41c) so I’m trying to avoid being out in the sun, so this will have to do for now! Stay safe and cool out there folks!!

Small but mighty @samsungmemory balances between storing all my photo files, keeping my documents handy, and occassionaly just being a nice pocket-sized prop. #SamsungMemory #SamsungT5 #PortablePerformance #GoFurther #ad

Why yes, I do like to match my hard drives to my eye makeup. And my monoliths. Millions of photos taken during portrait shoots, prop shoots, even selfies, or whatever else is suiting me that day, @samsungmemory has got my back. #SamsungMemory #SamsungT5 #PortablePerformance #GoFurther #ad

Ta-Da! The final full result! I saw Gucci’s new fragrance @gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori as something that could inspire a twist on a classic. Because of that, I focused on classics that could be used to create something new: Italian Memphis Design, verdant flora, and the natural beauty of a field of wildflowers, all to create the imaginary wonderland within the setting of a scene that I could interpret as Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori. Ingredients from the fragrance, including bright white rangoon creeper, green galbanum and black cassis buds burst from the edges, yet still appear as if in absolute perfect placement. Elements of nature simultaneously find stability and shelter within its surfaces and crevices. The ultimate result is a world perfectly balanced by ethereal and imaginative curiosity. #InBloom #GucciBeauty #sponsored

When something is perfect, it becomes forgettable. That’s why I like making things by hand. There’s an organic, blemished result that becomes more beautiful because of its originality, just like a field of wildflowers disrupted by butterflies and insects or a pond sprinkled with lily pads and fallen leaves. Rooted in balance and supported by nature, @gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori exudes a youthful playfulness and balances curiosity, vitality, and female camaraderie. #InBloom #GucciBeauty #sponsored

Progress! After building and painting (the messy stuff) comes the organizing, arranging, and styling (the pretty stuff!) Fragrance is something extremely compelling—it makes a first impression, even before sight, touch, or taste. That’s why personification of a scent is tough, and I like to decode it in color. I used pinks, greens, and pops of yellow to reflect the fragrance notes of @gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori, which contains bright white rangoon creeper, green galbanum and black cassis buds. #InBloom #GucciBeauty #sponsored

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