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  Because no one reads the newspaper anymore. Get your daily dose of facts on Israel and the Jewish world here.

How refreshing is actress Mayim Bialik’s Twitter post in contrast to Natalie Portman. Thank you @missmayim! #IsraelForever #ProudJews

“The term “occupied” is misleading. I think the settlements [in Judea and Samaria] are part of Israel which was always the expectation when [UN] Resolution 242 was adopted. The 1967 borders were viewed by everybody as not secure. There was always supposed to be some expectation of [Israeli] expansion into Judea and Samaria.” — US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman months ago (Source: worldisraelnews.com) 🙌🇮🇱

@natalieportman is clearly no Wonder Woman. Here’s what @thegenesisprize said: “We are very saddened that she has decided not to attend the Genesis Prize Ceremony in Jerusalem for political reasons. We fear that Ms. Portman’s decision will cause our philanthropic initiative to be politicized, something we have worked hard for the past five years to avoid.” (Past laureates include Israeli-American violinist Itzhak Perlman, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg and actor Michael Douglas). #BlunderWoman (Source: @i24news)

Romania will become the 4th country to move its embassy to Jerusalem, following the United States, Guatemala, and Honduras. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed in a speech today that more countries were on the way. He said preferential treatment would be given to the first 10 countries that move their embassies. (Source: @thejerusalem_post) 👏🇮🇱🙌

More than 600,000 people have participated in the #birthright program since 2000. “I don’t want any kid to say they were too old or too sick to visit Israel” said Adelson. (Source: @bloombergbusiness)

When Israelis shoot for the moon they land on drones 🎊🇮🇱💪#HappyBirthdayIsrael #DroneShow #TheNewFireworks

300 drones fly over the sky of Jerusalem. They make all sorts of shapes and designs to celebrate 70 years since the modern state of Israel’s founding. Israel really does shoot for the stars! (Source: as seen on Facebook) #HappyBirthdayIsrael #YomHaatzmaut #Drones

I’d say this is a good sign ;) (Source: @reuters, Photo Source: @jewishbreakingnews) #Jerusalem #EternalCapital

“70 years after the UN played a role in the founding of the state, it is significant that so many foreign Ambassadors to UN are visiting Israel to see firsthand the history and accomplishments of the country,” said Richard D. Heideman, president of the American Zionist Movement (the organization that put together this trip). #Welcome #HappyBirthdayIsrael #YomHaatzmaut (Source: WorldIsraelnews.com)

To which Netanyahu replied: “Thank you, President Trump! We too have no better friend than America. We are greatly looking forward to your moving the embassy to Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital.” @b.netanyahu @realdonaldtrump

“A young boy asked how I decide to send soldiers out in the field and what I think in those moments... I think of the security of the state. I think about the soldiers. I always think about the price families pay and how to prevent casualties. I know that without the bravery and sacrifice of our warriors, we can’t guarantee our existence. In moments of test we must defend our existence firmly to stand and face our enemies. Because of the 23,646 soldiers we are here.” — Abbreviated and translated from @b.netanyahu #YomHazikaron

Israel’s population has increased more than tenfold from 806,000 at the country’s establishment in 1948 to approx 8.842 million today. Israel also welcomed more than 3.8 million visitors through its various entry points during the year – an all-time record. #Growing #HappyBirthdayIsrael (Source: @thejerusalem_post)

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