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on a break  :)

wow. crying in the club

honestly if my mum was there she would be bopping her bussy

he is so pretty in all of them fuckskdjdj ahhhh :))

this cute ass mf

he literally always does, but he is pretty so its ok

ik this is like a funny post but wow he is so pretty

idk why but i love and hate the way dan zoomed in and waved lmao

me when dan called out shane in his dan memes of 2017... OOPS

bitch im a fucking dannie rn and idk why but he is so soft!

ive got such a bad migraine. sorry if i dont answer dms, i get really moody when i have migraines and i dont want to snap at anyone so id rather just not dm back :)

the fact my entire time line is just of phil smiling with his teeth and the way his stood honestly is so cute

i cant look at dan in that jacket without getting emo

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