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lesterbud  My name is Leslie Brathwaite. I mix records. You should care because Phil Pallen says you should.

A little late, but couldn’t let the day pass without mentioning the Queen Of Soul. What a gift we have been blessed with all these years. Hearing her sing Amazing Grace and the Theme song for “A Different World” were always my two favorites. I never in a million years thought that I would have the opportunity to work with such a legend, but I did, and it was awesome in every way.
We went to Detroit because she didn’t like to fly, and as @dallasaustins and I sat there in the studio, she walked directly into the booth with a plate of food in her hand, walked up to the mic, said ... “ok honey, push record”, she sang the entire song top to bottom... ONE TAKE, and walked out of the booth with a strut of confidence that she had just killed it. There was no asking her to do anything over and quite honestly, there was no need to. Fastest recording I had ever been a part of. She was truly the GOAT. #ArethaFranklin

You may see 2 cute little women on their first days of the school year....
... I SEE... a QUIET and EMPTY house ripe with epic sleep-in potential 😀. 1st Grade and 4th Grade will never be the same🤣 #SchoolDaze

I’m a Lebron fan. Not only because of what he has accomplished, but because of how he GIVES. A spirit of giving resonates highly with me. This is the kind of thing I celebrate. Look at what he is creating. Just really think about what he is doing here.

Happy Birthday buddy!!!!!!!!! @ricviers Love You bro! #FullSailHOF #MakeSomeNoise

Today I started with a bit of a heavy heart as we celebrated the life of our brother Erik Noteboom with his family. But my heart didn’t stay heavy too long, it became filled with joy as the day progressed into a great evening of giving and pouring into these amazing young people who were reminded that lack of relationship with their biological parents does not mean they aren’t celebrated and certainly doesn’t mean a lack of relationship with God. I was honored to spend my afternoon/evening speaking words of encouragement and getting to to know the heart and soul of the Foundation For Foster Children. Hopefully me and my family, Garry Jones, Isis Jones, and Tim Johnson touched some lives. I was humbled and honored. Thank You to Betsy and all the wonderful people at @foundation_for_foster_children for such a wonderful opportunity to serve.

The Full Sail Family lost our dear brother Erik Noteboom today. As he continues his walk towards God, we will stand with his family. See ya later buddy.

There goes MR TREEZUS NEIGHBORHOOD !!!!!! 🤣 @six7music @therealtboz

Behind The Scenes footage of MR TREEZUS NEIGHBORHOOD, (lobby shoot) This is how we make the magic! 😂 Treezus is a very intense director. He threw a tantrum when he couldn’t get the shot he wanted...... well... more like he just fell out laughing 😆

This is what happens in the hallways of the Four Seasons when we have no supervision, iPhones, and too much caffeine! 🤣🤣 Post BTS shenanigans!!! New Episode of Mr. Treezus Neighborhood!!!!!! Clowning with @six7music and @therealtboz film credit 🎥: @chaserolison

The BTS shenanigans have officially begun! Today is gonna be s fun one!!!!!! #FullSailUniversity

When the cameras are rolling, we will behave. When the cameras are off, we can’t make any promises.

Family Vacation 2018 (one of many lol) CANADA 🇨🇦 Video Part 5: We walked to New York! (Then we did the speedway again at night because it was so much fun the first time!)

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