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  I got you stuck off the realness 1998🌹


The Coup- Fat Cats and Bigga Fish
#oldschool #hiphop #music

Happy Birthday, Nasir
#hiphop #nas

It's been 21 years. #rip #tupac

Naughty By Nature- Everything's Gonna Be Alright #oldschool #hiphop #naughtybynature

Nuages- Dreams☁

Somehow this Earth was created. It never had borders or anything. It was just all nature.Then somehow humans appeared and they started making borders, started naming each continent, country, state, and roads. Naming everything you see. Putting price tags on water, which has been here since the very beginning. Soon they are going to start charging for the air we breath in. Making up languages, and religion. Cause everything is man made suck it up. Everyone's walking around with their heads in the clouds and we need more people to be open minded. We have a government, and we have people who are superior and above us. Well, that's bullshit cause everyone is human, we are all same. No one is higher than anyone else. I don't care if your the president or a homeless man, I will treat you the same way. Take our skin off, we are all meat and bones. We are all going to die one day, and who knows what happens after death. It's a mystery, just how we ended up on this planet in this enormous universe. This is why I don't give in to all this racial bullshit.Talking about imaginary borders and presidents and what not. I love everyone and WE ARE ALL ALIENS ON THIS MUTHAFUCKIN PLANET. #realshit #consciousness #openminded

Happy Birthday @mrmccane
#hiphop #oldschool

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