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Killah Priest- Happy
A homeless man smiles at me
Showing no teeth
A young man laying dead in the cold streets
He was a victim, beaten bad by the police
And every day another funeral
There's more grief
And every day I like to pray when I see the sun.. #hiphop #killahpriest

My favorite rapper.
Bury Me on East 18th Street by Woodie
I can't explain the feelin' I get every time I come back from leavin' the Yoc
Thoughts of love hatred and pain,
Flood my brain 'til my heart feels a shock
I think of them blocks, back in the day,
As ten of us walk, two packin' some weight
We'd snap out the gate, known to package their fate,
When aliens grouped up, got drunk and got brave
We put in more work than the ballers with choppers,
A few good revolvers, a couple of shotguns
But we was some killas behind them triggas,
We handled the business that made others quiver
We didn't shiver, we'd aim and deliver,
Some hot metal slugz through lungs and livers
Of foreigners threatenin' our way of life,
Disrespectin' with cuetes and knives
A lot of sh*t changed in the last ten years
The gangs, the names, some homies switched gears
That couldn't control their fears and tears
Livin' up in these rear-view mirrors
My death is near but I won't steer away from the fate that awaits to greet me
If it's heaven - swell, if it's hell, oh well
Just bury me on East 18th street.. #hiphop #rip #ryanwoodiewood

Because it's #wuwednesday 💛#wutang36chambers #wutang #hiphop Dope album.

My favorite BTNH album.♥ #oldschoolhiphop #bonethugsnharmony

Mobb Deep- Get Away
#oldschoolhiphop #mobbdeep #rip

Scarface- I Seen A Man Die
He greets his father with his hands out
Rehabilitated slightly, glad to be the man's child
The world is different since he's seen it last
Out of jail in seven years and he's happy that he's free at last
All he had was his mother's worth
Now she's gone and he's gotta make a change and make it for the beddah
But he's back so he's got one strike against him
And he's young plus he came up in the system
But he's smart and he's finally makin' eighteen
And this goes to get on top and try to stay clean
So he's calling up his homie who dun came up

#oldschoolhiphop #hiphop

Planet Patrol - Play at your own Risk ▶
#breakdancing #oldschool

Koopsta Knicca- Stash Pot Original

Well I'm fresh up outta jail wit no job
so I steal and rob
creepin through them parks and runnin them bitches
up off them boulevards
this that type of shit that'll make you quick
to get yo ass in
(well what you want playa what you want)
bitch them muthafuckin dividends
#koopstaknicca #hiphop

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