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My Beautiful Mom visited today, she had me repeat the phrase, "Yes I can!" ...numerous times! I share because I am grateful to those who believe in me! I hope she realized how she helped lift my spirit today. It's important that we tell those in our life how much we appreciate their love and belief in us. #lovemakestheworldgoround

Numerous people have asked me- How I deal with injuries. Please know this is what has worked for me. I want to start by saying I know & understand that our physical health and/or injuries are directly connected to our mental and emotional bodies. When we sustain an injury we hold all kinds of emotions around the injury - and that pain or injury will sustain until we (or a healer) helps us learn to heal ourselves. When I experience an injury, I have a system:
🌀I look into the nature of the injury and how I am responsible in ANYWAYS for its happening (never choosing to be a victim) 🌀I ask myself what could be gained from the injury? And if it occurred between (a teacher and me) what is the correlation or learning there? Do I need to own or step into my voice more?
🌀Next I start Himalayan sea salt baths soaking and relaxing 🌀I devote myself to that injury during meditation- I close the eyes, focus on the injury, energetically move into the injury and imagine white healing Light coming from above, entering the crown of the head and being infiltrated into that injury space. I also allow any emotions or stored emotions to be released and/or experienced. 🌀I start l -glutamine- it promotes muscle growth (60% of our skeletal muscle is made up of glutamine) the recommended dosage can be googled it can also be found in spirulina 🌀I typically google search the actual injury so that I understand what is going on in the physical body
🌀I use acupuncture and/or massage to treat injuries which often helps connect me with the emotional side 🌀I listen to Solfeggio Frequencies these are healing sounds "The frequencies heal--- for example the 285 Hz helps return tissue into its original form. 417 Hz frequency cleanses traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences of past events. These can be found on Spotify and/or YouTube 🌀And lastly I believe in the power of prayer so when I find myself thinking of the injury or noticing it as I practice I silently say, "The Light of God heals." This keeps me from replaying what I don't want such as all the "whys" "shoulds coulds and woulds" 📷 Gurmeet Likhari

There are two voices inside my head <<<< | >>>> One is Light and knows love & Grace the other feeds itself upon fears. We all face different types of fears - and it loves to hide in inconspicuous spaces. It's best when we know what we are up against ... shining the Light upon the dark. My favorite monsters are self loathing and control. #somethingtoconsider

learn to let go but never give up

#regramlove by @linzyarnott ・・・
Colour therapy time 🎨———————————————— I wanted to share --- when I watch Lindzy's color therapy, I feel an intimate connection with the present moment. Each one mesmerizes and soothes "my" soul. Thank you and I hope we each find a way to stay present with what is before us, that we look into another's eyes, and offer the ultimate gift - presence. Happy Weekend y'all! #presence #connection #love #meditative #soothing #healing

Yoga ask us repeatedly to open ourselves to unknown spaces - to lean into the abyss to connect with the breath ..... never to contain the breath but gently control it especially when the mind longs to be in control. It is through this transformative practice that we find a way to be warriors of Light and Love. ---------------------------------- stay soft n strong • loving n forgiving

When we surrender our fears to a higher power we create space for our Spirit to soar----------------- After a therapy session today I was encouraged to sit with (God) and share the fears that seem to be dimming The Light. I must admit this was scary and difficult. It's hard for me to admit that the fears are bigger than me! However, as soon as I finished an incredible feeling of freedom blew over and through me. #therapychangeslives #noshame

Everyday we honor Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois - but especially today. I feel completely ill equipped with words. I know that the Ashtanga Yoga Method has drastically changed my life -- 6 days a week I bow and draw my palms to touch and I give thanks for those who have and who continue to Light the way toward Light and liberation. This is one of the first times I was fortunate enough to study and learn from @timfeldmannyoga - he has had the honor of experiencing Guruji firsthand - his love and devotion for him is palpable and that cannot help but be infused into each and every student he gracefully assists. Thank you 🙏

thank you for being here with me

I asked someone to help me take this image. As that someone moved into a ready position, I noticed a great deal of grunting. I asked, "Are you okay?" They responded, "No, I'm uncomfortable 😣!" I immediately caught my thoughts they were in judgement. I began to look deeper into this judgement. I discovered that yoga has taught me that being uncomfortable is part of the dance (or at least the Ashtanga dance). And often times discomfort is a product of the mind. The mind craves comfort and joy. And when we get accustomed and identify with "Being Comfortable " anytime we experience the least amount of discomfort - we squirm, we want out, we want to return to ease as quickly as possible! But my path has taught me to use the breath to expand beyond the mind, to realize there are moments of comfort and discomfort but there is also a soft space in between and that is where the Truth and freedom are found.

DOUBT it's dangerous and when we give way to it - our spiritual connection becomes distant and blurred! Focusing on the things that scare, discourage, limit and distract us will certainly keep us forever lost! We must reach higher and firmly focus on all that has been done for us, on the goodness in life .... look around see all that has and is done for those who walk confidently with faith! #thingsineedtoremember

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