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I practice even when life throws me a curve ball and I end up missing group class. Remember we are not in control we can only decide how to handle what life offers us in the moment. 🙏

Being alone (but not lonely) is humbling. We live in a society that seems to avoid the experience of being alone --- when learning to be with ourself is the most important endeavor. Whether we do it now or later - we will all be faced with this learning before we leave this earthly existence. The most precious gift that aloneness is sharing with me is our profound need for others! So please as you move through the next few days I hope you look at those around you .... (your loved ones) who keep you safe from the experience of being alone ...connect with them. Thank them for filling your heart with their presence and love. Find a way to bring more joy into their lives because without their presence your life could be surprisingly unrecognizable. 🙏❤️❤️❤️ #thanksbetogod

Leaning into the Grace of our lives versus falling into the lack .... what differences are there in these two thoughts? #choosewisely ❤️

missing these two a lot ❤️ the absence has created a space for deeper appreciation and love --- #unexplainable must be #lived

At what point are you good enough? It's the moment that you decide. The moment you cease to look outside yourself for an authority, approval or permission (whether that be communicated verbally or non verbally). #risingstrong

Past grievances and wrong doings are cleared by choosing to live from the heart. Notice moments when you begin to slip toward negative thoughts and quietly say to yourself an affirmation that will return you to Love. ❤️☮️ One of my favs is "The Light of God heals." But please create your own that feels authentic to you.

Heaven sent @villa_sungai Thank you for surpassing my dreams of a place to call home while in Bali. Nurhayati @ssuumiatii in the center is part of the villa's family - she keeps everything crisp and clean - she requested this photo and I could not have been more moved - its moments like these ❤️ They remind me of what truly matters most in life (at least to me). it's not the handstand or the press up - it's how WE treat others. 🙏 And Jennie @mummajenn I love you always!

Oh Bali the lessons abound! This morning as I traveled to class on a one way street that has two way traffic the chain on the bike slid off - this means I had to stop on a very narrow and well traveled road to fix... after class I grabbed lunch at the yoga space. The waitress believed I had ordered two lunch items. Therefore she brought me two plates - I politely explained I had only ordered 1 meal, would she please return the money. She boxed the food up to go, brought it back to me... forcefully demanding that I HAD ordered the food!!! I had a choice in that moment, to be right by my Truth or choose to be peace. I remained calm, told her to please keep the food an enjoy it. This completely puzzled her. I chose to see beyond the issue, the miscommunication, the small amount of money (at least to most Westerners). She stammered she pushed the food on me one last time- this time I lovingly touched her and said please just enjoy it is a gift. She left and within 30 seconds returned the money. 🙏 #kindnessmatters #theuniversehasyourback

Sit in silence, listen, gratefully receive and then have the fortitude to stay True to the whispers. ☯️

P R A C T I C E this morning with @deepikamehtayoga & @markrobberds 🙏 Thank you! #ashtanga #alwaysastudent

Giving up when life seems to not be going your way - this is the easy less fulfilling path. For lasting fulfillment comes through tirelessly devoting yourself to that "calling" that quietly speaks from the heart. For I truly believe souls who have the stamina, devotion and sincerity will find their calm and peace somewhere along the way. Keep the faith. Stay strong. Love truthfully and humbly. Trust. 🙏

"Love is The Light that dissolves all walls between souls." -Paramahansa Yogananda [#notetoself ]

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