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A daily reminder that ultimately I am not in charge πŸ™ and there is something wonderful and comforting about that Truth. #ashtanga

If you have a prayer request :: please either leave a comment below or if your request is more personal just send me a direct message. πŸ™ #love #grace #lifeisgood (πŸ“· by @dcr3md )

I falsely believed that if I hid I would avoid the pains of the world but what I discovered is the deepest pain is felt when we are not connected ---but I'm not referring to just any connection --seek for a heart connection -- This type of sacred bond -- IT pulls us through and makes for the most beautiful joys of this lifetime! πŸ’›

The weeds may be thick and high but your heart must remain soft and kind. #loveandonlylove

Just finished making this yummy concoction | 1 c overnight soaked organic almonds + 5 c filtered water + 1 T turmeric *** I use @animamundiherbals + 3 dates + 1/2 banana + a bit of cinnamon + a pinch of Himalayan salt crystals

Thank you to all who continue to inspire, support, challenge and love me here in this tiny but magical space. πŸ™

Turia @turiapitt -- You leave me speechless -- so I share this image as a way of communicating what I feel when I see Y❀️U!!! Thank you for rising again and again despite the odds. I love your book. #thankyou #youbeattheodds #keeprising #amazingsoul

Disclaimer: not a particularly uplifting share -- please scroll on if that's what your heart desires. πŸ™ β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” This image was taken awhile back, the wind captured the dress just perfectly (or perhaps imperfectly) depending upon your perspective. I look pregnant. I'm not and have never been. But my deep yearning to be a Mother has led me to make some dark and difficult decisions. And in the process these decisions have had a lasting effect upon others and their judgements of me. I don't expect anyone who hasn't lived through something like this (or similar) to even begin to grasp its magnitude. A woman (unfortunately I do not feel I can speak for a man ) who wants a family will do ALMOST anything at some point on the journey to satisfy this yearning! For goodness sakes in 2014, according to Time magazine we spent over 3.5 BILLION on infertility!! #astounding Learning to accept the fact I will never be a Mother has created a death, part of me has had to die ... not an easy undertaking. I share in hopes of helping people who maybe judging me or another .... to please go beyond the mind of what you believe we should or should not be doing. Begin to connect to the love that lives in your heart. πŸ’›If you find yourself judging turn this into a prayer or an offering. At some point we will all face things out of our control ..... this maybe when we take our final breath but it is coming. I believe it is imperative that we learn to honor where others are ... I have made some radical decisions that at the time I believed would help relieve my own desperate sufferings. Please remember we can make a difference if we choose to see with eyes of LOVE πŸ’›#loveistheanswer

I used to be the elbows out girl -- forever creating an excuse or reason "why" I didn't have time for this or that person --- when in actuality I used this dysfunctional coping mechanism as a pseudo protective barrier. Unconsciously I carried around my very own "shield of harsh judgements" πŸ›‘Now I understand that in that constant dark judgment world I was deceived. "It" tricked me into believing that I could avoid experiencing pain. #nottrue But what has lead to less suffering is setting the shield to the side and shining Light through my own bullshit-- Revealing the ways I have hidden and/or tried to protect myself. As well as realizing that when I made a commitment to catch the judgements and replace them with loving thoughts then transformation slowly began to unfold --- It took an act of courage to own "my" part. At the time, I was creating a life that kept me circling in negativity as well as being alone. When the Truth was forever present:: cease judging and choose love. ❀️ #loveistheanswer [πŸ“· by Gurmeet Likhari]

#tbtπŸ’— I often see issues as analogies :::: awhile back I finally set a boundary with a friend. However, it was not well received. In the moment ---- I apologized for the misunderstanding. However, recently I have begun to experience a nagging feeling inside. And then today I realized the nagging is really just my long standing love affair with approval. I want to call and apologize again --- It's like icing a cake, my desire to fix it, keep tampering with it πŸŽ‚ - if you continue to spread the icing back and forth before long the cake will collapse and the icing will melt --- this is the same in a relationship. You must know when to stop spreading so as to maintain the integrity of the center - the center of yourself -once you apologize -sit be still -work with the uncomfortable ness that you notice and don't keep spreading yourself out. #kindacooky #butmakessensetome #inmysimpleways

"Be a source of joy and let the critics and haters complain about the world." -#paulocoelho _____________________________________ #ilovethisquote #hellyeah #stretchintothewonder

The first sign of "being hurt" by another often elicits a craving ---- a desire to be understood and heard!! But what if we cultivated a space that took us deeper into our heart center? A space that knows the Truth of who we are and what matters most in this life --- what if we took the stance, "we are all doing our best" ------ what if we knew that when we experience hurt (more often than not) it is about our own wounded heart. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” It takes courage and willingness to share the highest form of love because it loves regardless of the conditions ... It loves when there is glory and weakness.

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