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Leslie Bruce | UNPACIFIED  • NYT bestselling author & journalist • *You Are A F—king Awesome Mom* book | 2019 • #Unpacified creator • 💕Supporting overwhelmed mamas everywhere💕

As mamas, we’re capable of experiencing two feelings: we can be wildly grateful for this unbelievable journey and also be completely fucking overwhelmed. This book is for every mama who wants to be the best she can for her kids, but also wants to know what the hell happened to her life. I got your back, ladies. Beyond excited to have submitted this manuscript!!! It’ll be out next year, my babies....xoxo. #YAFAM (bc it needs a hashtag, duh.)

The hardest thing about having two kids? Trying to get both of them to look at the camera (without appearing bored or terrified). Naturally, I just went with the one I like best of myself. I gave them both life; I should get priority.

“Am I f*cking up my kid?” It’s a question I ask myself everyday. My spunky, feisty, gorgeous girl marches to the beat of her own drum—and I worry sometimes that it may limit her. But instead of getting embarrassed when she erupts or refuses to conform, I need to remind myself “that spirited little people grow up into the men and women who change the world.” (article link in bio!)

But there’s always tomorrow! #MamaMilestone

This summer went by in a hot blur. Between my baby and my book, I don’t even remember June or July. All I know is that a bitch has never been more excited about the possibility of sweater weather. #ByeBikinis #3MonthsPostPartum 📚👶🏻

I like my second baby soooo much more than I liked my first. People think I’m such a slob kebab when I say that, but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t love the shit out of Tallulah. It means that...I know now. I know how fucking awesome it gets; I can see our future and I know how remarkable life can be. I didn’t understand all that when I had Tallulah, but she taught me. And now, with Roman, I can appreciate it so much more. It’s a gift she gave me that I can never repay, although I’m pretty sure by junior high I’ll be singing a different tune.

@nickjonas may be engaged, but he ain’t married yet. Get it, gurl. 💃🏻

I always thought I’d be the disciplinarian. My husband is a quintessential “Bro.” He’s laid back and shit doesn’t faze him, while I’m often pretty rigid and not afraid of confrontation. (Seriously though, I almost got into a brawl with a 60-year-old woman last weekend. Not my finest hour.) However, when it comes to our kids, I have total “Mom Goggles.” I make excuses for everything, and I can't say no toddler pleas and baby cries. Lucky for us, my husband is, has and always will be our rock and the man who keeps us all on track. He is almost always patient and thoughtful, and doesn't let any of us get away with shit. Unless, of course, it's me about to fight a 60-year-old woman, in which case, he always has my back. #RideOrDie

We survived our first vacay as a family of four. ✈️ And it was surprisingly easy... we only checked three roller bags, two car seats, one crib and a stroller. Oh, and we only carried-on three backpacks, two duffel bags and a dock-a-tot. Super breezy for four days. 🤦🏻‍♀️

He’s basically a human Cabbage Patch kid--except an angry one, who looks like he’s wearing a toupee and speaks with a heavy Persian accent. I also get the impression that he might try to sell me a used car...a black one.

Today I missed a moment. Roman rolled over for the first time (belly to back) and I missed it. Our nanny felt bad when she told me; nervous I'd get upset. Of course I'm excited for him to grow and learn, but do I love that I can't be there to witness all these little miracles? No. Mom Guilt isn't something reserved for "working moms," it's a challenge for all mamas. Whether its a doctor's visit, a yoga class, a Costco run or work, moments will be missed. It's inevitable. The good news is, we've ALL been there. Things are about to get super crazy around here, so I'm certainly going to miss more moments. But I know in my heart that I'm doing what I need to do for my family and to be the best mom I can be. And that's good enough for today. I mean, he'll roll over again tomorrow and I'll tell him it was his first time. He won't know the difference. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Here’s some truth salad, mamas: People often talk about the 12 week mark as some magical bridge you cross when your infant suddenly become a perfect angel. That’s not entirely accurate. Rome is definitely an easy baby and we’ve come a long way since the hospital, but shit is still pretty crazy over here. We’re not getting a ton of sleep and he’s not doing his own laundry yet or holding up his own head, so I think we’ve got a ways to go....

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