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Leslie Coutterand  Activist / Writer / Director Co-founder / Director of the movement & documentary series : I LOVE THEREFORE I AM Teaser and TEDx πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


Home sweet Home in LA...

✊ don't stay out of the conversation. Say something. Resist. #peace #Charlottesville #stopracism #whitesupremacy #NO #speakup #repost @amyjmerrill #privilege

When light overcomes darkness ... People will rise around the world.
People will stand up.
People will fight fear and hatred.
People will demonstrate what peace means.
People will love and show up till the end.
These people are us.
All of us with an open heart and we are not going anywhere.
Neo nazis, be ready !! We will shower you with love, compassion, cooperation and tolerance.
It will make you sick to your stomach.
It will hurt more than your fists, your words and your guns.
It will go through your body, through your veins and your soul.
We will show you what humanity means, and you will hate us even more...
And one day after maybe months or years of trying, we'll highlight a tiny tiny sparkle of hope in your heart and your soul, and maybe then you will see there is light in your darkness... And that day, trust me, hatred will mean nothing to you.
We will not let history happen again.
Be ready... because we are.
PS : thank you for the people who were spreading love in Charlottesville.

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Boys #manila

My heart aches today.
The march in Charlottesville and the motivations behind are heartbreaking.
And sadly, the problem of hatred is deeply rooted in our culture and society.
It wouldn't come like this into surface if it wasn't there in the first place.
What if Accepting our part of responsibility was the first step ?
We'll have to be extra loving, tolerating and smart to defeat the hatred.
How can we judge the violence of others when we excuse our own ?
How can we rise up and defends the minorities if we use the same hate that hurt people in the first place...? We all face fears and intolerance in our daily lives.
Life itself is an organic living system that is here to teach us and make us grow...
Sadly we easily forget that and fall into the hatred trap.
The last decades of economic inequality and normalization of violence fast forwarded us here.
Every nations, every communities, every schools, and most relationships around the world are facing massive ideology crises.
The answer will come from isolated initiatives and a switch in values / behaviors / priorities.
It's more than a political crisis, it is a human and spiritual crisis.
We can't keep moving forward with intolerance and hate.
We can't keep hurting each other.
We must stop living without taking in consideration the impact of our actions.
We must take ourselves out of the equation and look at the world as a whole. We are all responsible and have an opportunity to make a difference starting now.
It will start with our thoughts, our words, our values and most of all our actions.
It will start in our communities, families, relationships and most of all within ourselves.
We don't fight for peace. WE PEACE FOR PEACE.
Don't stay quiet,
Open your heart,
Tame and quiet the fears,
Rise with Love,
Think for other,
Put yourself in someone's shoes,
Act with courage,
Change yourself and change the world 🌎

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Manila #philippines

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Sunsets are a proof that magic is real. πŸŒ…

Last moments in paradise before Manila... πŸŒ΄πŸ’

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