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Leslie Coutterand  • Ethics, mindfulness & Oneness advocate 🌏 • Activist | Speaker | Director • Co-director of the doc @_ilovethereforeiam_ • TEDxLimoges & TEDxLyon 👇🏼

🦊🐰🐹❤️ Torture 0 - Love 1
Good news : Until the ban becomes global, we can move and take a step forward by boycotting brands using and manufacturing fur... :) 💪
#animalrights #stopanimalabuse

Nature doesn’t need filters to impress us. It just needs to be... Magical sunset at the ranch. ☀️ #sunset

📱 -> 🔐-> L I V E #socialmediadetox

🇺🇸 “When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.” Native American Proverb
🇫🇷 « Quand le dernier arbre aura été abattu, la dernière rivière empoisonnée et le dernier poisson péché, alors l’homme s’apercevra que l’argent ne se mange pas. » proverbe Natif Américain. 🌱 #risingforclimate #lamarchepourleclimat #environment #oneplanet #votewithyourwallet #motherearth #climatejustice

Proud daughter 😘 My Papa started to be interested in glaciology in his 30’s. In his 40’s he quit his job. At 50, he became a doctor and had his PhD in glaciology. His latest book came out a couple months ago.
What a beautiful exemple of perseverance, passion and resilience. He used to be a handy man in a hospital, but he followed his heart, didn’t listen to critics, focused and enjoyed the ride. And that’s when magic happened.
Ps : My love for nature has nothing to do with me, it’s just part of my DNA ;) Dad’s books available in bookstores, @fnac_officiel and on @amazon
Les livres de mon Papa sont dispos à la Fnac, sur le net et en librairies! #glaciers #environment #conservation

🇫🇷👇🏼 🇺🇸 Nicolas Hulot, France’s ecology minister, Tuesday announced his resignation in a live radio interview.

He told France Inter that he was quitting the government: "I make the decision to leave the government," he said, admitting he felt "all alone in pushing" environmental issues in the government.

Hulot said President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe were not aware of his decision to leave prior to the announcement, saying "they perhaps would have tried to dissuade me." "It's a decision of honesty and responsibility," he added, "the most difficult decision of my life." "I don’t want to give the illusion that my presence in government means that we meet the standards on these issues, so I’m taking the decision to leave the government,” said Hulot.
This is the first step. Thank you for your honesty. Hoping the government will question itself and make some good decisions ... Now it is time for change ! •

🇫🇷 Nicolas Hulot, ministre de la transition écologique et solidaire, a annoncé son départ du gouvernement sur France Inter mardi 28 août. « Je prends la décision de quitter le gouvernement », a-t-il affirmé, ajoutant : « Je ne veux plus me mentir. »

Il a assuré ne pas avoir prévenu ni le président de la République Emmanuel Macron ni le premier ministre Edouard Philippe de sa décision de quitter son poste : « C’est une décision entre moi et moi. »Interrogé sur ses motivations, Nicolas Hulot a dit qu’il avait le sentiment que l’écologie n’était pas la priorité de ce gouvernement, alors que « ce sujet conditionne tous les autres ». Et d’ajouter : « On s’évertue à entretenir un modèle économique responsable de tous ces désordres climatiques. (...) Sur un enjeu aussi important, je me surprends tous les jours à m’accommoder des petits pas. »

Enfin un peu d’honnêteté. En espérant que ça aille dans le bon sens cette fois et que cela incite le gouvernement à se poser les bonnes questions... Maintenant place à mobilisation et au changement! ✊🌱
#nicolashulot #ecology #environment

Africa spoiled me. The bush taught me. What a humbling experience. Thank you @campfireacademy and @brass_rsa for all the knowledge and passion.
Photo taken in #Kruger in #SouthAfrica
#conservation #oneness

Let’s rethink sustainability and conservation. 🌱🌍
Not only we must regulate, recycle and clean the mess but we must go back to the source of the problems : the productions of these plastic products, until governments put into place regulations.
We have 2 superpowers for that ✊: our wallet and our smartphone.
When we boycott a product, we influence the business and pressure the company to rethink their production and sourcing.
When we tag brands or even like posts on social media that are advertising ( directly or indirectly) some brands or products, we are voting for our future ☀️ "Ocean cleanups, banning unnecessary single-use products, biodegradation, even recycling—none of these solutions alone will be enough to crack the problem, the researchers concluded. Interest has surged in tackling the problem of plastic in the ocean recently, but researchers have been studying the issue for years. "Plastic in the sea is a symptom of a much wider problem about the rapid linear use of resource to waste," Thompson said.

Even though it's where so much of the plastic ends up, "[we] all agree on the fact that the solution is not in the ocean," said Jean-François Ghiglione, a microbiologist at the Oceanographic Observatory in Banyuls, France.

Thompson returned to the idea that we need to think about the source of all this trash. Indeed, he said, getting rid of non-essential packaging and materials needs to happen. For example, on July 9, Starbucks announced it would stop providing plastic straws in its stores by 2020. "There are some plastics products that we didn't need in the first place," Thompson said. Going a step further than voluntary corporate commitments, he added, "I think we could have legislation to prohibit their use." 🐙
We could be recycling a lot more plastic than we currently are, he said. Only about 10 percent of what's produced gets cycled back into new products. "Why is it so low?" Thompson said.

Again, it goes back to the forethought that must go into plastics before they're produced, he said: "If they're not being designed so that they can be recycled, we're wasting our time." “

✨ Great News ✨
Very exited to be one of the speaker of the event TEDxMarin 2018 in California in sept 2018!
I will be sharing my ideas about social media conditioning and our need for Love, alongside :
MARKITA PATRICIA LANDRY - Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering @ U.C. Berkley.
MARGARET LEVI - Director, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University
RUTH WHIPPMAN - Author/Humorist
KENT LANGLEY - Entrepreneur, Professor at Singularity University
THOMAS HÜBL - Teacher, Founder of Academy of Inner Science
DAN PARDI - CEO at humanOS
The theme "Being Human in a digital age" couldn't be more needed today
BOB CULBERTSON - Musician, virtuoso player of the Chapman Stick 🇫🇷🎙Très heureuse de vous annoncer ma participation en tant que Speaker au TEDxMarin aux États-Unis, dans la région de San Francisco en sept 2018.
Le thème de l’événement « Rester humain dans l’ère Digitale » ne pouvait pas mieux tomber avec tous les changements qui accompagnent notre époque.

Mother Earth, allowing us to enjoy her beauty and power 🌍

Found an old photo of « me » in Zimbabwe. Looked at the pharmacist and told him : “Oh that’s me!” He looked at me very confused. Not sure he believed me 😂. Photoshop versus reality !
This picture makes me reflect on my former career and all the changes that happened since I decided to follow my purpose and do what makes me truly happy. ( Aka not modeling)
Took me lots of tears, courage, sacrifices, friends, a very supportive boyfriend and phone calls from my banker ( who was not impressed by my completely empty bank account 😂) but it was worth it !!! We all have a path that leads us to fulfillment and it’s never too late to take it ! •

🇫🇷 J’ai trouvé une vielle photo au Zimbabwe! J’ai regardé le pharmacien toute excitée en disant : « c’est moi !! » Il m’a regardé l’air perplexe 🤔 Je ne suis pas sûre qu’il m’ait cru ! Photoshop VS réalité !
Cette photo m’a rappelé mon ancienne carrière et tout le changement qui s’est passé depuis que j’ai décidé de suivre mes envies profondes et de faire ce qui m’épanoui.
Il m’aura fallu du courage, des larmes, des sacrifices, mes amis, un petit ami qui me soutient, un projet qui me prend au tripes et des coups de fil de mon banquier ( qui n’était pas du tout ravi 😂). Mais ça en valait la peine !
On a tous une mission de vie qui nous mène à l’épanouissement et la paix intérieur, et il n’est jamais trop tard pour la trouver et prendre la direction la plus « juste » pour nous.
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Sunset in the bush... try to spot the hippos and the crocodiles 🤗 #africa

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