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i couldn’t be more thankful for the time i got to spend in England these last few weeks. it was an incredible blessing to help my friends at FLTR and to get a small taste for what the next season of my life will look like as i continue to journey towards moving back to England. it was such a joy to be with friends who are like family and to meet new friends as well. i absolutely cannot wait to be back and i cannot wait to see how this adventure will continue to unfold by God’s grace.

if you’d like to know more details about what those two weeks were like or how you can come alongside me on this adventure, please don’t hesitate to reach out; i’d love to meet with you over a quality cup of coffee to chat more.

day || s e v e n

day || s i x

day || f i v e

day || f o u r

day || t h r e e

day || t w o

day || o n e

bye bye short hair, hello months of awkward hair-growth phases

i’ve had a lot of fun in the past three years with the “short hair, don’t care” phase of my life. and while it’s fun to joke about the celebrity look-a-likes i’ve had over the past few years, this haircut was actually incredibly transformative for me.

i’ve struggled with insecurity my entire life. since i tend to be a people-pleaser, i spent so much of my life concerned with what others think of me that it would cripple me from making decisions or from pursuing what i truly wanted or even felt called to do. but when i cut my hair a few years back, it was the first time i ignored those voices of insecurity. and in these last three years, the Lord has healed my heart and taught me what it means to have my identity in Jesus, silencing the voices that try seek to destroy that identity. that haircut was like an outward sign of what God was shaping in my heart and mind, cutting away the things that were holding me back from walking in my true identity and having love for who God has created me to be.

and now i’m going to step toward making another outward sign of this new season God is bringing me into by growing all this hair out again. as one season of life begins to end, another one is growing and beginning and i want to celebrate that on the outside as much as i am on the inside.

so cheers to the 2015 Super Saiyan, the 2016 Greasy DiCaprio, and my current One Direction look that i’ve been able to rock. and cheers to whatever strange looks are to come. this journey has been amazing and i’m excited for all that’s ahead for this head of hair.

reflecting back on beautiful days with beautiful friends.

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D O what you L O V E
L O V E what you D O

it's been a brutal schedule lately, working extra hours & dealing with unexpected challenges. but each day when i walk into @rohsstreetcafe, i am reminded of the gift & calling to love people through my work. i am reminded that we have the world's best regulars who spend time in our shop, bringing nothing but joy into my life. i am reminded that the people i work alongside are some of the finest human beings & some of the biggest signs of God's love & faithfulness in my life. i am reminded that beautiful things happen when people are shown just a fraction of the same hospitality that God has shown us. and i'm reminded that i am a part of this incredible process of all things being made new & light breaking through all of the darkness.

so no matter how exhausted i may feel after a long day of making drinks, talking with people, washing dishes, & all the other random things that my job entails, i couldn't be more thankful to be on the journey that God has set before me in sharing the hospitality of the Gospel through speciality coffee.

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