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leslie hall  mistaken for strangers by her own friends.


i couldn't imagine this evening being any better than it was. it was an absolute pleasure to see you in Ohio at long last, @damienjuradomusic.

longing for time outside to hike & explore. until then, i'll reminisce over Guatemalan volcano hikes.

the past few weeks have felt like chaos: between moving, working, road trips, & late nights that lead into early mornings, i've lost all sense of what day it is or where i put my keys. and even though so many things feel out of place or stirred up in my soul, there has been so much joy to discover each day. i've found new rhythms that bring me rest & that refresh my soul. i'm surrounded by people who remind me of God's goodness & the blessings in my life. and i've got a fresh cut that just makes me feel awesome (thanks @sammyleehills & @highfivesalon)

the past couple weeks haven't been easy, but i'm taking advice from this little song by King's Kaleidoscope & trying to make the most out of each day that i'm blessed to breathe, cry, sing, & laugh out loud to the glory of God.

"i'm learning how to live
in spite all of my fear
i'm learning how to hold on
to knowing You are near
& make the most of it
i'm learning how to be
no matter what’s at hand
i'm learning how to hold on
keep trusting in Your plan
& make the most of it
& when weight of this journey takes its toll
You are the joy that moves me beyond control
i have a confidence deep inside my soul"

poolside in the countryside

nothing says "happy birthday" like a few throwback pictures from the first days of friendship to LOL over. a lot has changed since 2011, but i'm so thankful that we've stood by each other through all the ups, downs, & changes that we've faced.

happy birthday to my best friend & favorite human. you know me better than anyone else & you show me the greatness of Christ's love on a daily basis. you're the greatest blessing of my life & my favorite person in the world to laugh with. may you know just how loved & valued you are today (and every other day of the year as well). love you so much, @vikki_smyth.

been feeling a lot of that post-traveling sickness the past couple days, which has given me plenty of time to reflect on spending a week in Guatemala with these incredible people.

this week wouldn't have been as amazing as it was without each of these people. between laughing about weird Youtube videos, surviving freezing cold, seven hour layovers, playing Avalon & Coup, journeying up "the easier path" on Pacaya, & talking through how God speaks to us through anger & poverty, i couldn't imagine doing any of those things without these guys.

i'm so thankful for the way God drew us all together through this trip & for all the ways God used these lives to shape my own.

exploré a Mordor con amigos.

#guatemala #vscocam #pacayavolcano

corazón contento.

every year that i've been to Guatemala, i've been so amazed & blessed by the hospitality & love that the people in Guatemala share with us as we serve with Mission Impact and Healthy Communities. these are my brothers & sisters in Christ, a connection that is able to bridge language barriers to communicate love & compassion. i'm so thankful for the days that we got to spend with Tomas, Ruth, Oscar, Abner, Eric, Gerber, & all of their families as they served us far more than we could have ever served them.

this is our team with a few members of the church in Coyolate as worshiped together in Spanish & English. God comforts His people through the church, through each of us.

#vscocam #guatemala #missionimpact #praisegodfromwhomallblessingsflow #shorttermmissions #healthycommunities

i found @mockingbirdnyc in my first couple years of Bible college. i found mockingbird feeling overwhelmed & frustrated in my faith, feeling "not good enough" or "inadequate" in how i measured up as a Christian. i didn't think like the Christian culture around me, wasn't interested in the same things, & felt as though i thought in a different language than those around me. i wasn't even sure of how to articulate the things i was thinking & feeling with the things i saw around me in the world.
then i found mockingbird. i felt understood. i felt relief. as i read more & more posts on the blog, the more understood & unburdened i felt, like hearing a song for the first time that put words to all my abstract emotions in my soul.
last year, i made my first journey to NYC for the mockingbird conference, not knowing a single person walking into this beautiful church. by the end of the conference, i felt connected & tangibly understood by the people i had met. mockingbird, time & time again, has been a breath of fresh air, an unburdening relief, & a reminder of the beauty of grace.

no words can articulate my thankfulness for this ministry & for the grace constantly proclaimed through mockingbird. this weekend has been an incredible one; praise God from whom all blessings flow.

yeah, i can see why people heart New York.

excited to be here for a few days of rest, refreshment, & encouragement with @mockingbirdnyc & #MBirdNYC17.

praying these steps alongside brothers & sisters of Christ has become a cherished part of my Good Friday tradition.

reflecting on the words of Isaiah 52 & the accounts of Jesus' crucifixion in the Gospels, and i constantly struck by the humility, obedience, & trust that Jesus had as He faced a false trial, abandonment, & the brutality of His crucifixion. and i'm reminded Jesus was only able to endure all He did because of His great Love. it was this Love that kept His focus on the Father, it was this Love that forgave the hands that crucified Him because they knew not what they were doing, & it was this perfect Love that would raise Him from the grave, conquering all sin & all death once & for all.

coffee connects people. through coffee, i've discovered a family of co-workers who can bring so much joy into our work together. through coffee, i've met people from across the world who share a love for this beautiful little plant that is not only our livelihood, but something we are passionate about sharing with others. through coffee, i've been able to meet hundreds of incredible people from across a bar as they trust me to be their first human interaction as i hand them their morning coffee or be that person who will just listen to what's going on in their life over an afternoon, pick-me-up latte.

to say that coffee has changed my life, may be a bit of an understatement.

i couldn't possibly love this new piece more than i do & it only looks so good because of the incredible & beautiful @nikiwoltja at @whitewhaletattoo. she's one of my favourite regulars at Rohs & consistently brightens my day every time she comes into the cafe.

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