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Lesley-Ann 🦂🖤  Vision gives passion a purpose ⚜️ - Never stop creating 💭 📷🎬🎥💻

Our 1 year transformation 🖤 I don’t really know what to say, other than if it wasn’t for these photos I wouldn’t believe it myself 🤣 thanks to @tristantucker_trt I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be riding Ids at all if it wasn’t for your help 💪🏼

We are all a little bruised by our expectations

Just when we think we've figured things out, the universe throws us a curve ball. So we have to improvise. We find happiness in unexpected places. We find our way back to the things that matter the most. The universe is funny that way, sometimes it just has a way of making sure we wind up exactly where we belong.

Happy birthday to a very very very special man ♥️ Someone who is always there for me, wether that’s for advice or sharing an old story/memory. Someone who cares so deeply for everyone around him. Someone who taught me that when you want something you don’t quit (ever!), you work your butt off and make it happen. The one I got my temperamento 🇮🇹🦂 from. The one who loves my grandmother unconditionally and would do anything for her. The one who is an example in so many ways. The one who set the bar pretty damn high.
Thank you for everything, I love you grandpa ♥️

Out of place - like the moon during the day

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know 🌌

Unwind your mind
I can hear you calling me from deep within my soul
The words you say I just can’t let them go
- @skinnylivinguk

🌓 World mental health day

It’s okay not to be okay
You are not alone ♥️

Love this horse to pieces 🖤

Yesterday meant a lot to me. Getting out of your comfort zone, when fear and insecurity kept you there isn’t an easy thing to do. It means you have to conquer yourself and the only person who can do that is you. You can have the best support system, with the most amazing, motivating people.. but they can’t do it for you... only you can. You will never be 100% ready, but only you know when you’re ready ‘enough’ and it really doesn’t matter how long that takes you. It’s your journey, you know yourself best, so always do what feels right ✌🏼

Find your wild x

One day it just clicks. You realize what's important and what isn't. You learn to care less about what other people think of you and more about what you think of yourself.

You realize how far you've come and you remember when you thought things were such a mess that you would never recover.

And you smile

You smile because you are truly proud of yourself and the person you've fought to become!
Have a great Sunday guys x

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